Wagon wheel light with antlers: The “original” put-a-bulb-in-it

wagon wheel light with antlersWhat’s more over-the-top than a wagon wheel light? A wagon wheel light with antlers, of course. However, presuming that wagon wheel lights were one of the original “put a bulb in it” lighting ideas…it’s actually Reasonable to think that the cow-town saloon owners also would add antler bones and the like as decorative, trophy accents. The historical precedent for this mid-century revival is not silly — it’s pioneer upcycling genius!  This wagon wheel light extravaganza spotted over on Berkshire County Used Furniture’s Facebook page. You know I want it. It would be #4 in my wagon wheel light collection. Hard to hide these from DH, though. I’m trying to reform. Truly I am.

  1. dave says:

    OMG! This is what a Burger King employee’s work related night terrors are filled with.

  2. Colleen says:

    I have a wagon wheel light down on the basement. It even still has the little copper collars that fit on the shades. I was just looking at it last night thinking how cool it was – but yeah, it could use some antlers.

  3. Holly campbell says:

    I know that other folks may love this and I think that’s fine. But for me, I have to say no. Although my husband would love it.

  4. DahliaCactus says:

    Grandma had one of these in her ’50’s ranch. When she remodeled she hung it in her tack room (room in a horse barn where you store saddles and such) works great in there!

  5. Amy Hill says:

    This brings to mind an old Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie…I can’t remember the name of it, but they shared a party line & she redecorated his bachelor pad…

    My mother had one of these in the dining room of her craftsman style house back in the 60’s. I never really could understand the appeal, but that’s just me.

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