Well, guess what? I was a Runner Up in last month’s Anne Taintor caption contest –> I am so doggone proud, I could just burst. But, I did not win. And that darn Teresa McIntyre is way ahead in the number of final-finishes. There’s always this month. Dare you compete? Jump over to Anne Taintor’s blog to show us your stuff.  And, while you’re over there, check out Anne’s new — limited quantity — boxed sets. 12 blank cards — 5 different sets — for $16.99.

  1. Patty says:

    I like Theresa’s way better and Linda’s made me LOL. I guess the proof is in which captions actually bring in the most money when the items are sold.

  2. Ann-Marie Meyers (Skylark) says:

    My entry is:
    I pour in the milk at night, the kids help themselves to a high protein breakfast in the morning, and I get an extra hour of shut eye.

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