Visit-an-historic-house2.2The next time I visit my family in Kentucky, I am scooting over to The Miller House — a mid century modernist masterpiece — built in 1953 and located in Columbus, Indiana, about an hour from Louisville. The Miller House was just acquired by the Indianapolis Museum of Art last year. And, this year is the first it’s been open for tours. In fact, tours started just 10 days ago, and today (May 20) there is a daylong symposium about the house at the IMA in Indianapolis. According to the Museum, what makes this house exceptional is that it was a collaboration of three great designers: (1) Eero Saarinen [padre of the tulip chair] was the architect… (2) Alexander Girard did the interior design… and (3) Dan Kiley was responsible for the gardens. To me, the big draw, is: The Girard interiors. I want to see all those technicolor textiles!!!

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  1. Sandi Clothier says:

    the Miller House is truly wonderful, I attended the symposium but haven’t been able to make it to the Miller House for this reason, tickets for tours go quickly. So, when you are planning a trip, make this part of your do ahead agenda. The tours are 20.00 for a general tour,and no photos can be taken, although I’m sure there are many postcards, books, etc, available for sale. The tours are generally done twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and tickets can be purchased through the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art).

  2. Michael Kohn says:

    This was a fantastic visit. This modern house is a must for anyone interested in architecture.

  3. Elizabeth Mary says:

    CBS Sunday Morning, is on TV right now, and the first piece in today’s program on “design” was about Columbus Indiana and all the buildings there designed by famous architects. I did not realize that it was spear headed by J. Irwin Miller. So, not only did he build himself this fabulous house but he brought amazing design to his home town. They said on the program that there was a movement to have him be President. Sounds like it was a good idea to me. Columbus must be truly amazing and I want to see it!!!!!!!!

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