vintage-pomona-tileThere is a bunch of NOS Pomona tile on ebay. Each piece is $5 Buy-It-Now, and in some cases there are more than 10 pieces of each design available. I can see using this for decorative embellishment in a kitchen or bathroom — lovely!

  1. Helen aka 52postnbeam says:

    Wow – whoever scooped up those sets this morning got a score, 1 coke fiend has raised the BIN from $5/tile this morning to btw $15-25 for some of the others. Hmm.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hmmm. I am not sure that 1cokefiend changed the auctions in place — i think he/she added some new tiles and is (1) going the auction route and (2) putting a higher BIN. I am sure all the action after I posted this caused him/her to alter the supply/demand equation. Such is capitalism… Good news: Looks like there are more of those 7-tile salad dressing tile sets…Let’s see how high they go…

      1. Helen aka 52postnbeam says:

        This morning I searched for seller’s completed listings, and saw the recipes and sea shells, so I assumed they sold. However, I think the auctions were cancelled and re-listed. Same 2 sets are now for sale as auctions, but no longer appear in completed listings. Seller also added some adorable butterfly tiles. I’m partial to the “roulette” myself …

  2. Maureen says:

    What great tiles! I was hoping the B&W tiles would have been more bathroom oriented! Drat! I’ll have to spend my money elsewhere!

  3. Ericka says:

    Thank you SO much for posting this! I have these recipe tiles in my wonderful unrenovated kitchen, and I’ve been trying for a year to figure out where they came from. Love them!! =D

  4. sarah says:

    A friend of mine is redoing her kitchen right now, and had her builder save me a set of those dressing recipe tiles from her backsplash!

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