Anne Taintor June caption contest — enter by Thursday night!

anne taintor june caption contest
Oops, this almost got by me: Anne Taintor’s June caption contest ends Thursday night. She wants “sweet” rather than “sassy” for this sweetheart photo. Get your caption in quick — Good luck!

  1. Trouble says:


    “Here, we see Junior in the tub…..gugling under Mother’s hands” LOL!

  2. Trouble says:

    Crap! It’s a great “dark” caption and I ruined it! It’s supposed to be gurgling! Argh

  3. Sheana says:

    I KNEW I should’ve hopped online last night! 🙁 Thanks, now I’ve found another cool website!

  4. Jana (Berniecat) says:

    Darn! I already entered a “sassy” caption earlier. “Oh, brown submarines! Mommy’s naughty little sailor!

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