Fiesta kitchen sink by American Standard, introduced in 1966 or earlier

1968 kitchen sink fiesta from american standardHere is the latest wonderful oddity — “woddity” — to go into our archive:  The Fiesta sink by American Standard. I have seen reference to it as early as 1966. Click on through for some additional, great colors, sculpted round designs (!) and strange lever thingy.

fiesta sink by american standard 1968

I also have seen it in variety of sizes and in 6 colors so far — white, as show in reader Justin’s kitchen (above)…in avocado (lead photo) spotted as New Old Stock at my Re-Store — and holey moley check out the vintage advertisement that I found on ebay (below): The sink also was available in what appears to be a limier green, a persian red — AND in orange and in a sculptured round bowl model. Yowza!

I also found a 1969 ad among my stash of vintage marketing material that gives a good look at a lever thingie on the back. It’s like an old “shift on the steering column.” What is this for????

fiesta kitchen sinkAbove: The text of the ad. Indeed, the marketers from American-Standard are comparing this to a speedster… I learned to drive manual on my Dad’s circa 68 Datsun truck — yes, a shift on the column. What a nightmare for a 16 year old — but I am a rockin’ Amazon woman warrior for the experience.

That original faucet design also reminds me of instruments of torture used in dentists’ office.

Where to get the faucet, still:

Indeed, you can still get a Fiesta faucet. No lever, though.

vintage fiesta sinkHere is another shot of Justin’s sink. No shift lever though! Hey, I see in Justin’s email, that he says, “The drain levers are much harder to find.” So: It’s a lever to pop up the drain???1968 american standard sink in avocadoAnd above: The guts of the hole that holds all the faucet hardware. Come to think of it, the “idea” behind this design must sure have been to consolidate all the holes on sinks — up to 5 — into one. Control the chaos on the top of the sink — and minimize the need to make separate 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-hole versions to suit anyone’s need. Kind of a good idea, actually.

Thank you, Justin, for sharing your photos. I think this is a fabulous sink

  1. pam kueber says:

    The blog code does not allow for posting photos directly into a comment. You must post them somewhere online then post the url here.

  2. MAY says:


  3. Pam Kueber says:

    May — see the story. I checked the Amazon link, it still shows stock for this faucet. And, the link to Locke Plumbing also shows the faucet still there. The listings say these will fit a Fiesta — you can check with the seller etc. Good luck.

  4. peggy lambert says:

    i am looking for the double bowl sink. I called my local plumbing supply and he pulled up the american standard faucet that is stock for this sink. American Standard still makes it.

  5. pam kueber says:

    Hi Christopher: Ooooooh! So pretty! And yes, that’s one of “my stores”. See if they’ll include a dozen Donut Dip donuts in the package! The sour cream are about our favorites!

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