Basement bowling alley in 1962 Michigan time capsule house for sale — heaven!

bowling alley in 1962 michigan houseMega thanks to reader Ron for spotting this gem — a 1962 home in Rockford, Michigan (near Grand Rapids) that includes a spectacular two-lane bowling alley in the basement. This is beyond amazing! The house is currently for sale, it’s listed at $189,000 by Theresa Robinson of 616 Realty (listing now ended.)  I talked to Theresa via phone to get permission to show this photo, and she explained that the house has been in the same family since they built it — with great care — in 1962.  The original family member loved to entertain … and yes, loved to bowl! He got the bowling alley components from a bowling alley in Lansing, Mich. that was going out of business. Then, he built the house around the bowling alley. Theresa said that the local newspaper wrote a feature story about the house when it was finished.

The house is a wonderful time capsule a number of other ways — it does not appear to have been re-muddled. Original bathrooms, kitchens upstairs and down, great space, great finishes. But the bowling alley: Blow me away!

1962 house with bowling alley

Click on the photo above to see a great slide show with BIG images!

  1. Diana says:

    My dream home with only 2 major issues. The entire inside needs painting and it in MICHIGAN. blah… too cold

  2. Diana says:

    well, I can’t get the link to the pictures to load. sigh… I had a school project back in 8th grade to design a house. I had a full wall TV, a restaurant style stainless steel kitchen and a basement with a bowling ally.

    My teacher said the TV was impossible and gave be a bad grade. I was ahead of my time

  3. Kristy Nawrocki says:

    My dad grew up in this house with the man who built it. He has so many great memories here. When i found this I had to show my father and it brought a smile to his face. I wish we could buy this home and keep it in the family.

  4. Julie says:

    I have a friend who went to college on a bowling scholarship. Yes, bowling. Who knew? She’d love this place.

  5. Chris says:

    Stunned and speechless!! I would so live in that house!! I sat here envisioning all the fun gatherings that could and must have taken place in this beautiful awesome home!! What a find!!! Someone will snatch this right up for sure! With some good retro decorating it will be a showplace for sure!! Wow and double wow!!

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