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Have you been alarmed about the loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs and how the whole middle class is going to hell in a handbasket? If so, here’s an opportunity to vote with your feet — the next time you need a pair of shoes:  A company named Johansen, aka Capp Shoe Company, still manufactures shoes here in the USA. Read this bit from their website, and rejoice:

Sure, we could make more money by closing our factory here in the USA, and making our shoes overseas like most of our competitors, but we are proud of our modern state of the art factory here in Virginia, and of the jobs that we provide for our community. We employ over 175 dedicated, experienced people between our main office and warehouse in Lynchburg, VA and our factory in Gretna, VA. … Our shoemakers are highly skilled men and women with an average experience of over 12 years…

made in america shoes by johanssen
This is a blog about retro… so fundamentally, I am showcasing this company because they seem to have a lot of … granny shoes. But, hey, granny = retro! For this story I pulled screen shots of several women’s styles that I find very retro-appealing — I also see these styles on stylish 20-somethings today, I *think*. In addition, since this is an old skool American company, they offer more than 100 sizes for women — from 4 to 13, and widths from 5A to WW. For men, they offer sizes 7 to 16, and widths in C,D,E, 2E and 3E.

made in american mens shoe from johansenAlso, I think the prices are darned competitive — from $30 – $60 a pair for most women’s shoes. I think that most Made in China shoes at Marshalls or Target cost that much. Buy American! $109-$129 for most of the men’s shoes… which always seem to cost more but are well worth it due to those practical heavy duty soles.

See all the Made in America Johansen shoes on their website here: Johansen Shoes Made in the USA since 1876

Are you interested in finding other Made in America products? I’m currently poking around this site to see if I like it as a resource.

  1. nina462 says:

    Joe’s right. New Balance is still made in the USA – look at the tongue of the shoe. I saw them on a tv show about being made in the USA still & made a point to search them out. The prices were the same as other name brands.

    It is a great movement & something I try to adhere to, as well as my family tries. Last year I got a ladder from a company who still makes them in the USA. & My plastic mop bucket is also made in the USA.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. nina462 says:

    Jeanne – I just came back from our annual convention and our ‘hook’ to get people over was we had a shoe shine man! Boy, people were lined up to get their shoes shined.
    When he asked if I wanted my shoes shined, I said ‘no thank you, I do my own’ … and I do! He said I must be former military (yes, – but I also sold shoes for 8 years and like to keep up spiffed up!).
    So – yes, some of us do still shine our shoes – easy, easy task. Just get one of those bottles with the sponge tips for a quick shine 🙂

  3. Lisibelle says:

    Looking through the women’s clearance section took me to Elizabeth Montgomery’s wardrobe for Bewitched. The slight heel and simple design of these shoes coordinate perfectly for bold colors and patterns of spring and summer. With Kate Middleton bringing back a hosiery trend, these would be perfectly adorable!

  4. Lisibelle says:

    Oh, I know. I’m 5’9 and don’t like playing tug of war with pantyhose, either. I just liked how polished it look – and since I’m genetically predisposed to look like death warmed over – or a lobster – hosiery did make my legs look better. 😉 (Don’t listen to me. I wore dresses and tights when I was kindergarten BY CHOICE.) Sad sad sad. 🙂

  5. DeDe says:

    I love granny shoes — they have their charm! I broke my foot so I am stuck wearing New Balance or Gentle Souls (by Kennith Cole) because anything else KILLS me. I want to give these a whirl because a) they were built in the good ol’ USA and b) my great uncle was a shoemaker at one time. It is sad that “careers” like these do not exist anymore in the States. Sure you can be a shoe designer and have things made in China– but not many people can actually hand craft a pair of shoes here– and he could.. It’s a shame

  6. Jean Gough says:

    Hi Pam,
    My husband and I have been USA product intent for many, many years now, searching out things still made here and not buying in many cases if not. Folks are really starting to be choosy on things being made here, I do feel. To think that we will probably never have the manufacturing that we once here in the states is sad. It has started to turn around somewhat and you hear more and more that companies have brought their business back. It has SO much to do with us, the consumer, and putting pressure on businesses to manufacture here by not buying their goods and letting our voices be heard. When I find something that is made here, I drop the company an email thanking them. Every little bit helps!

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