In praise of: Large artwork … repeating geometric shapes … and Tom Tru

Tom Tru dandelion printNivico sound sphere speakersToday, a beautiful image, to make a few points about decorating:

  1. Find yourself some large pieces of artwork. I see way too many interiors with dinky works of art. You need to “mix it up”. You need some big pieces. Too much little itty bitty = clutter. Of course, you can “mass” your small pieces to create the effect of one large piece. But nothing beats something large. KAPOW!
  2. Repeat your shapes. Big round dandelion repeats orb-shaped Nelson light. This kind of repetition is soothing to the eye, subconsciously. On the other hand, be careful about mixing geometric shapes. An orb light near an orb-shaped work of art works. Turn that Nelson light into an ovoid and it would be Disconcerting.
  3. Tom Tru rocks. That’s a Robert Bushong print — on canvas, framed in aluminum — created for Tom Tru, of Lambertville, NJ. For sale from ebay seller moderndecodence, (link now expired) along with the orb-shaped Nivico sound sphere speakers. A very big round <3

Tom Tru logo
Update: ‘Twas beautiful — sold for $157.

  1. Mia lie says:

    bought the dandelion print but R. Bushong for Tom Tru yesterday at the Salvation Army warehouse in Reno, NV for a whopping $5! It’s in excellent condition and will go above the fireplace in my 1953 home. Anyone know what year it was?

  2. autumn says:

    i have a canvas painting it looks like a cave painting by tom tru i havent seen anyothers that look like mine n wondering if anyone had any info on it please contact me at autumnthurston91@gmail.com the canvas is about five feet by one and a half feet n the pic is of three legged horses

  3. Wendy says:

    Thanks for sharing. I do like this one, although it doesn’t have quite the same power as the dandelion above (Especially since I’m 99% certain my dad’s hands made it! 🙂

    I’ve found 2 pieces I like above all others, and yours is definitely one. Finding something for my wall could be quite a project, but I suppose it will be an interesting hunt!

    1. pam kueber says:

      get your ebay searches one, also include ‘william bushong’ – there’s a new one this morning with Tom Tru as tomtru

    1. Diane says:

      Update: I just read the reviews and some didn’t like it, saying it was shoddy workmanship, although others praised it. JCP.com does have other metal wall art items to check out.

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