Dozens of New Old Stock 1960s bikinis and mono-kinis found in Salt Lake City

New Old Stock 1960s bikinis

On my recent tour of midcentury modern Salt Lake City with Mony Ty, we stopped a lovely downtown vintage clothing store, Misc. Boutique. That’s pronounced “Missy”, like owner Missy Baber, shown above. I did not have a lot of time to shop… I was on a fast-paced photo tour… but my ears perked right up when Missy mentioned her hoard of New Old Stock (NOS) vintage bikinis acquired last summer. Now, my tour was in the dead of winter, January 17, so I was disappointed, but not surprised, when Missy told me, “They are in storage.” But Retro Decorating God good news: Storage meant “downstairs in the basement,” and off she went to get a box of some examples to show us.

1960s bikini New Old StockYes! These are just the sort of bikinis the women wore back in the 1960s. Fitted tops and elastic around the legs and waists. The designs and colors are amazing: Blocky geometrics, tiki reminscent and pucci-esqe. And these are very high quality bikinis — Missy said they were made in France.

vintage bikinis

Missy said that starting out, she had over 100. To sell them, she said, hosted “fitting sessions” all summer long with her Salt Lake City customers. It takes about an hour for a fitting — you need to try on a lot of suits to get the right and flattering fit. On that point, Missy said: These bikinis are very very flattering, even on non-waifs. The mono-kini at the top, too, looks eye popping gorgeous on the right person she said.. I believe it. Julia Roberts… Gwyneth Paltrow… Taylor Swift… Michelle Williams… Scarlett Johansson… Julianne Moore… Zooey Deschanel… all you chic Hollywood fashionistas who appreciate vintage style: Are you reading this? Get your fashion-backward booties to Salt Lake City and get yourself a real-deal 1960s bikini from Missy. There are still a few dozen left, and Missy has them carefully catalogued just waiting. Oh, and if you are reading this, starlets, please email me, and I can help decorate one of your homes with authentic vintage flair.

Here’s a fun interview with Missy from SLC’s City Weekly. And of course, she points out:

I prefer items that have a history and a quality behind them that most current production does not.

  1. Ann-Marie Meyers says:

    I have never had the figure for a bikini. I was always stick skinny, flat chested with a big belly, a family curse. Now, I am middle aged saggy with an even bigger belly from having had two big babies. Mustang Sally weighed in at 9lb 2 oz.
    Still, I would love to see them and watch more appropriately shaped friends try them on.
    I am still planning on buying one of those Esther Williams ones some day. Those are more my speed, and very classy.

  2. wily darling says:

    missy is the sweetest! i am so happy to see her on your wonderful blog. her boutique is so cute and she always has amazing items to choose from. if youre in the slc area, you definitely need to pay her a visit.

  3. denise says:

    I just read the article, I was so intrigued by your post. Oh, how I would love a vintage-kini. There’s not much excitement to me about new suits so I just keep wearing the same one since it’s only about a week a year anyway.

    I definitely want to take a trip to Misc. I like what she stands for and I would love to see her store…and try on clothes, more clothes and more clothes!

  4. Shannon H. says:

    Great styles, but how have the elastics held up? The elastics in my favourite bathing suit got brittle with time and have no stretch left.

      1. Missy Baber says:

        Hi this is Missy of misc. boutique – just want to let you all know, the elastic on the suits is actually in perfect condition. Thanks Pam for the wonderful post!!

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