In the spotlight: Brini & Eartha Kitsch, Betty Crafter, Mary Deluxe, Jon & Trixi, and Retro Ruth

In this week’s reader roundup:

  • In her new AskBrini series, Brini Maxwell answers Eartha Kitsch‘s question, “People always tell me that I need to tone things down and become a ‘regular’ person….Is that their polite way of saying that I’m the crazy aunt…?” Brini may be a satirist, but I think her answer is quite good: “Being a regular person can be a real downer….”
  • Betty Crafter makes a few teensy changes, and her vintage Mamie pink bathroom is all better now.
  • MaryDeluxe makes a surprise discovery — circa 1937 patterned linoleum under old carpeting. Sneak peak in the thumbnail, clicky here to see more. Pretttttty.
  • Jon & Trixi’s sexy 60s remodel was featured in their local paper.
  • Retro Ruth was featured in the Wall Street Journal, in a story about continuing cherished family recipes. Her Easter lamb cake looks divine. Congrats, Ruth!

Have fun with your projects and your friends, food and family this weekend, everyone!

  1. Dan says:

    Speaking of having to tone things down to fit in….. we recently had a bad experience with a home appraiser who dinged us for having an “outdated” kitchen and bathroom, and “old” furniture (He didn’t mention the furniture on the appraisal, but in person while he was doing the appraisal)

    Five hundred bucks for a guy with no taste telling me how to do my kitchen. What a world…..

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