1958 KamKap Kook-Out barbecue grill — Dawn & Brian pounce

“We are usually in the market for Mid Century anything…”
(Ain’t that the truth?)

“Yes, Monty,” say Dawn and Brian, “we’ll take what’s behind Door Number 3.” What have you just won? A like-new KamKap Kook-Out barbeque grill! Yay, Monty, we love you! The pair jump up and down ecstatically like there is no tomorrow… or 1958… and roll this puppy home. Readers, continue to be patient and good-willed acolytes and maybe the Retro Decorating Gods will Let’s Make a Deal like this for you, too, when you go thrifting this weekend.

The rotisserie (box below) was never used, Mint in Box. Read on for these little lovebirds’ treasure hunting story of discovery. Dawn — whose blog is Pretty In Pink — writes:

Oh one minute, though. You know what I also love? Dawn takes photos — good photos — of all the stinkin’ rotten little details of this bbq and its accessories and instructions…. and sends me the photos tout suit. Yes, it’s ALL so Fascinating, you can tell she thinks to herself. Soooo Fascinating……. Good girl, Dawn, you know I approve and am very grateful to be empowere to show all this lovely detail — you made is soooo easy for me to do this story. Okay, so here you go, Dawn really writes:

Hello Pam-

Do you ever have those times when you find something so retrobly fabulous that you MUST share with someone who can appreciate it?

That would be me today.

My fiance, Brian and I, took a very unexpected road trip today. It’s beautiful here in Central Ohio, especially seeing how its mid March! We just couldn’t stay inside today. So we traveled around. No particular destination in mind.

We came across a “General Store” in Lancaster, Ohio that sold antiques…And as we were perusing the aisles looking for anything that caught our fancy…We literally stumbled on what will have to go down in MY book as the ultimate gem.

We are usually in the market for Mid Century anything, and currently our focus has been on midcentury barware since we both collect.

But what was so amazing today that caught my eye?

A 1958 KamKap Kook-Out Charcoal Grill in almost MINT condition. I have NEVER seen anything like it in all my antique store, thrift store, yard sale travels. Sure. I dreamed. I hoped.

And there she was. With an already wonderful price of $59.99. We walked away. Discussed it. Came back for it. And the lady offered us 10 % off. Did I mention it came with a rotisserie that had NEVER been used? Complete with box? Instruction manual (Dated 10/29/1958)

Yeah. We loaded that bad boy up and took her home. We are sooooo very excited. I did a quick search on your site and did not see any other articles about retro BBQ Grills. A quick search of google and ebay didnt really tell me much either…

Do you know ANYTHING about these grills? We love it. We plan on using it. I am getting ready to post my own blog about it and I have fantastic pictures if you want to see them…

Thanks again. I just had to share with someone else that understands how exciting it can be to find such an unexpected treasure. 54 years old and it looks like it was bought a few years ago!

A happy reader-


Thank you, Dawn. Kook-out. hahahahahaha. No, I know nothing about this grill. I will hypothesize: Another local/regional product… from back in the day when local/regional manufacturers created all kinds of useful and sometimes, kooky, products that principally served local/regional markets.

Readers: You can read more about Dawn and Brian’s find and see more photos on their blog, Pretty in Pink.

Regarding other grills on my site: I have written several times about the fabulous GE Partio Cart — this may be the creme de la creme of vintage barbecues, kind of like how an Electro-Sink is a Dishmaster gone Robocop. The Turco barbecue ball is another groovy barbecue design.

My question back at you is: Will you and Brian have the heart to use your Kook-Out? Please Do! Let’s ALL commit to setting our New Old Stock free — to giving these items a happy, productive, useful, much-loved life!

Readers, what are you looking for this weekend? 

  1. Dot Cosom says:

    I have the same grill, but unfortunately, I don’t have all the parts. I’m going to refurbish it into a food station. I have some left over butcher block that I will cut and fit into the well. I’m going to also attach some sort of netting to keep the bugs out. Love it and scooped it up at a estate sale for $13. Can’t beat that price.

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