GE Partio Cart — yes, “partio”, not “patio”

vintage ge patio cartGolly be — it’s not a “GE Patio Cart”, it’s a “GE Partio Cart.” Just as 52PostnBeam pointed out this amazing combination barbeque-rotisserie-oven-stovetop-prep surface-umbrella-on-wheels (shown again, above) for sale on our Forum a while back, she also recently pointed to another one of these wonderful oddities — woddities — for sale out west and realized and pointed out that it’s not “Patio”, it’s “Partio.” Well, of course it is. Roll one of these into your backyard, and a party will be sure to roll on in, too.

According to this flickr source, the GE Partio Cart was originally introduced in 1960 on The Price Is Right (no primary source identified, though). Interestingly, the original NOS Partio Cart we spotted for sale in Minnesota for $1750, looks to be the same one now listed on 1st Dibs, with a California location, for $5,800. I’m just guessin’.

And since we’re counting: We also saw one on the Forum a few years ago for $495. Needed a little work. But $495 is a far cry from $5,800, that’s for sure. Goodness, would I lovadubdub to get my greedy retro paws on one of these.

  1. Joe Felice says:

    Very cool. Love the color. This is something new to my repetoire of MCM memories, I have to admit.

  2. Tammy says:

    Tammy in Seattle here – I had to share that I purchased my very own Partio Cart this weekend! The man who sold it to me deals in used appliances, and someone just gave it to him. He delivered it to my back yard for a total price of … wait for it … $145! I am over the moon. It has never been used but was stored outside, so it needs some cleaning and TLC. It was missing the cover, umbrella, and rotisserie rods, so I’ll spend a bit of money getting it back to its original shape. By the way, if you are looking for a replacement umbrella, I purchased mine from Daddyo’s Patios: http://www.daddyospatios.com/6_5_Sunbrella_Beach_Umbrella_p/dad-e28ap-tqwp.htm

    I’ll be emailing Heidi Swank for a copy of that owner’s manual!

      1. Tammy says:

        Here’s another great photo, from GE’s Annual Report:


        Pam, I often use “retro” as the search term in all items for sale on Craig’s List. The word isn’t used very often in the Seattle area, so searching for it usually yields a short list of cool retro stuff. The gentleman who was selling it just called it a “retro bbq and oven.” From there I found your articles about the Partio Cart. Thank you so much for your website – without you I would not have known what a treasure I have!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Thanks, Tammy — awesome find! Wow: I think that $895 in 1960 was a honkin’ lot of money. My recollection is that the Mustang, introduced in 1964, was $2500.

  3. Jessica says:

    Just saw one of these in Dearborn, MI at the Henry Ford Museum. Instantly thought of this post. It was beautiful. If you go, they have a nice Eames display with one of the original fiberglass molds too!

  4. John says:

    I just stumbled upon one of these in Massachusetts. Picked it up few days ago and it is awesome. It looks as if it has never been used — the factory sticker is still on the charcoal basket and the oven is pristine. It is missing the griddle, though, and I suspect that will be tough to find. I may have to improvise. If Heidi or Ann could send that owner’s manual pdf, I would be most grateful!

  5. Heidi Swank says:

    We have our manual. I’ve had several requests for a pdf of it. However, I keep forgetting to get it done! It is now on my to do list for this week. Check with me next Monday!

    1. Pam Weinrieb says:

      Hi, Just wondering if you every got a chance to send me the pdf for the GE Partio Grill. I am trying to sell it and the manual would be terrific…
      Pam Weinrieb

    2. Ann says:

      Heidi – I would love to have a copy of the owners manual – could you email me with the instructions on getting one?

  6. Karen says:

    I inherited one of these In perfect condition from my parents here in southern California. It’s really quite something! Although I really don’t have the need for it and would like to sell it. If anyone knows where I can find a reputable consignment house or is interested, please contact me at cuul59@gmail.com. Thanks!

      1. Pam Weinrieb says:

        Hi! Just took a chance to see if anyone had a manual for my GE Partio grill. We have one in our garage that has been there for 20 years! We never used it and it is missing the umbrella. But it is in great condition. We are in Buffalo, NY. Is it possible to get the manual? Thanks…

    1. pam kueber says:

      Glenn, we don’t do price valuations. But you can see in my stories what some of them have gone for. Good luck!

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