Vintage 1950s GE Patio Cart: Combination barbeque, range and oven

vintage ge patio cart

What an amazing find. 52 PostnBeam contributes an incredible amount of work on behalf of other Retro Renovators who are searching out vintage steel kitchen cabinets, by posting scores of craigslist leads from around the country on our steel kitchen cabinet Forum every week. In her miraculous searches, she often comes across other amazing finds. But, this must be one of the best of all time: A vintage General Electric patio cart, which was recently listed for sale on craiglist in Minneapolis — and looks to have been snapped up quickly. This piece is so interesting: A barbeque on one side, a stove, range and griddle on the other, serving shelves on both sides, and I think there might even be a rotisserie smashed in there. I presume that this was meant to be kept under cover. I am guessing it’s 1957, but I bet there are GE appliance experts among our community who may be able to narrow the date for us — ? This find is so wonderful: I hope the set designers at Mad Men snapped it up. Price listed was $1750 or best offer. Thank you, 52 PostnBeam, and to seller Katie for permission to feature the photo.


  1. Shannon Demers says:

    My family has a GE Patio Cart. The storage facility where we have been using is going under. If you are interested, please email me and I will send you photos. It still works…minus the umbrella!

  2. james says:

    i have a vintage patio cart. never used with an umbrella. was considering putting it up for sale but wasnt sure what i should be asking for it. again it was never used and it was stored in the wharehouse of the original appliance store.

  3. Barb Priebe says:

    we have a vintage GE patio cart in mint condition, complete with owners manual and warranty papers. We are thinking of selling it. you can contact us at 905-871-2279 evenings

    1. Roxi says:

      I just bought one of these from a local flea market. Although no paperwork was with it anymore. Does anyone have a scan of the owners manual ? Thank you

  4. Ann says:

    I have one of these units listed on ebay – stove end looks like it has never been used – what year were these units made?

  5. Annie says:

    I have a Westinghouse Rotisserie Grill, Electric Stove,oven combo that looks just like the pictures in this blog for sale in Arkansas – stove end looks like it has never been used

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