Vintage vinyl upholstery fabric for your vintage trailer, kitchen chairs, tiki bar, patio set, or dollhouse

tiki upholsteryAre you restoring a vintage trailer and need retro vinyl for the seating? How about vinyl for your tiki barstools … or kitchen dinette … or outdoor patio set? After we wrote about IFSCO’s stash of New Old Stock vinyls last year, the company sent us a box of samples. I just wanted to report: 

vintage vinyl 1960sSqueeeeee, I love this stuff. It’s beautiful, and although I am not an expert in vinyl quality, it seems really high quality to me. The backing… the cushioning… is so… thick and cushiony.

retro-vinyl-1Also, I love the embossed flowered pieces. It’s like they are “quilted” — just like I imagine I remember at Grandma’s house. Above: The only color left in the Palace collection is the Brass — I received an 8″ x 10″ sample in my package and it is just wonderful! I can only imagine what the Olive would have looked like, be still my 70s heart.

retro-vinyl-3 retro-vinyl-5 retro-vinyl-6Above: Some of the floweries in my package of samples. Aren’t they wicked awesome wicked Granny Ranch cool?!

dollhouse flooringThese IFSCO vintage vinyls are another find that I kind of h*** putting out there, because I might need some for a project soon, and then it will be all gone. Case in point: The Tobago vinyl above is new to their site since I last went to look — it would be fantastic for tiki bar stools and furniture. And lookie those fabulous colors!

Link love: IFSCO 1960s vintage vinyls

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  1. Michelle Weiler says:

    Looking to do some small cushions for 1964 trailer. Walls are turquoise aluminum. Stove and frig are brown. Suggestions?

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Marge, I don’t sell anything here. I research / search for / profile companies that do, though. For this product, I think there are numerous sources. You might try Heffrons or Bars and Booths to start. Good luck, Pam

  2. Susan says:

    I have an old ovev in my basement. How can I sell it?Tappon,with double doors rotisserie, pull out burners etc

  3. Janet in ME says:

    I love Tobago in all the colors! My mother-in-law had the Palace in the Bronze on copper brown chairs and it was beautiful. She had four kids, three of them boys, and that stuff was indestructible; the chairs looked like new thirty years later. Ifsco has some really neat stuff!

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