1,500 pairs of New Old stock vintage 1970s shoes in St. Paul, Minnesota

Over on her blog After the Dust Clears (link no longer active), reader Beth stumbled upon a shoe store in St. Paul, Minnesota, that is closing and that is liquidating some 1,500 pairs of NOS shoes from the 1970s. I talked to the owner by phone last week, and he said that the store,  Williams Store at 908 University Ave. (link no longer active), has been in the family since the 1930s. There are also lots of children’s clothes — great quality, the owner says, and Beth says there are also clothing items like Wrangler jeans and jackets.

Williams Store shoe store in Minneapolis Beth bought three pairs of 1970s shoes.

If you’re interested in pursuing some of your own, check out the website (link no longer active).

Mike also sent along the photo, above. Beth says it’s his father using a really old shoe repair machine that is still in working order.  🙂 Thank you, Beth and Mike!

Update March 26. Mike sends this email: 

First off, I want to thank you all for the outpouring of support and best wishes for my family’s shop.  Since the Retro Renovation (big thanks to Pam on that!) posting last week, I have received a deluge of emails inquiring about our stock, where to find pictures, sizes, and if shipping for non-local inquires is available.  I am currently working to place a catalog with images and size runs in PDF format.  I was at the shop this past weekend inventorying and getting images.  There’s about 60 styles of very awesome Connie Brand shoes alone..translating to around 250 – 300 pairs of shoes;  and that’s just for starters! I still have to tackle the Naturalizers, Missy Mates, Jacquelines, Hi-Brows, Trolls, and various one-off brands from yesteryear. Got to hand it to my grandparents and my parents…. they liked to buy funky,and they liked to buy A LOT!
Please keep the inquires coming I’ll do my best to answer you.   Do note I can answer specific sizing and image inquires once the catalog is complete and ready for your viewing.  Shooting for mid-April on that.
Also, some FAQ’s and answers:
Q:  “I’m Dying!  How can I see more of this stuff and buy it.  I’m not in Mpls/St Paul”
A:  I’ll be sending out a catalog soon for your shopping pleasure!  Sales will be conducted similar to Craigslist via email correspondence.  Payment will be through paypal.  More to come on that.
Q:  “Does Williams Store still have vintage clothing and shoes?”
A:  Yes, we have a wide assortment of men’s suits, women’s clothing, and youth.  Shoes will be the first items to get cataloged, and I’ll work on the clothing side as I chip away at the massive surplus from 90 years of business.
Q:  “Can I come and see the shop?  What are your posted hours?”
A:  Absolutely!  We do showings by appointment.  If interested please email me.
Q:  “Is any of your merchandise second-hand?”
A:  Nope!  All of our inventories are NOS with the original, super hip, packaging and tags.
Q: “What if I buy a pair, and they don’t fit?  Can I return them?”
A:  Due to the logisical nightmare of shipping items back and issuing credits (pay pal), ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
Lastly, a bunch of people have asked just about our story and the history of my family and the shop.  It’s really touching that you all have taken an interest in that.  I thank you, and so do the generations before me.  So with that, attached is a picture of Ed Williams, founder of Williams Store, c 1939, behind the counter of his first location shoe repair shop in Minneapolis.
Thank you, and have a great week!
– Mike

  1. NordeastB says:

    My friend and I dropped by there yesterday am about 11:30. The posted hours say 11-5 on Saturdays but the grandson had just left. It’s on the southside of Univ. between Lex and Victoria. That whole side of Univ. is torn up for LRT construction so come down Aurora Ave and turn on Milton. There is a sign with a # to call in case no one is there. My friend called him and he finally came back mid-afternoon. No real bargains on items but the merch is the real deal. They are still going through boxes and cataloging items and will, supposedly, post items on the ‘net for sale.

  2. Karen says:

    I’m dying here. Her blog has pictures of the 3 pairs she got, I’m jealous. All my fav shoes were found in the 70’s!

  3. nina462 says:

    I lived in Hopkins for 15 years – why didn’t I ever hear of this place! Oh to be back there now – if anyones going – please pick me up some shoes in a ladies size 8. (just kidding, I have friends who will do this for me).

    Thanks for the link 🙂

  4. Sara from WA says:

    Mike’s father looks like a genuine, friendly, great American kind of guy. Personalities can really come through in a photograph.

  5. Jackie says:

    Pam, I am so SORRY! That came across totally wrong. I didn’t mean that you goofed up. I meant that I don’t know where anything in St. Paul is. We rarely went there as college students plus the fact we haven’t lived there in over 25 years. Nothing like putting my foot in my mouth!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Jackie, I didn’t take it that way at all. My bad for getting the city wrong! not to worry. thank you for your note xoxoxox

  6. Beth says:

    Thanks, Pam! For locals, the store is located east of Snelling on the south side of University Avenue.

    Pam, it’s okay! The cities do blend into each other and we are all one big community. Thanks for running the story.

  7. Jackie says:

    My husband went to the U of M and we lived in Dinkytown while he was in school but, I don’t remember this store. Where is it?

    1. Jackie says:

      I guess I should have gone to Beth’s site before I wrote this. It says it is in St. Paul. That’s why I didn’t remember it.

      1. pam kueber says:

        My apologies. The store IS in St. Paul. I bet everyone in Minneapolis-St. Paul is so annoyed by people like me, who think they are the same place. Again, sorry – and story corrected!

  8. clampers says:

    That’s my town! I’m going. I love vintage shoes. And the fact that they’re NOS makes it even better. Thank you!

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