Polka-dot octagon-and-dot tile floor — in pink, of course

How in the world did I miss this wonderful throwback? Russell’s Seabee house… Pink bathroom… It was early days of the blog… so I guess, I just didn’t seeeeee. That floor. Octagons in two shades of pink, with dots a slightly darker, muter pink. A pink polka-dot octagon-and-dot bathroom tile floor.

This is the greatest floor EVER! It was in front of me all this time, it just took me three-and-a-half years to see it. Will wonders never cease. If you want to create your own polka dot octagon-and-dot floor, see the Bathrooms/Tile category and start hunting for your octagons and dots. Chippy at World of Tile is Queen of the Dots. The octagons are a tough one.

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  1. NK says:

    Can anyone suggest a way to improve the look of a vintage mosaic-tiled bathroom floor? Our floor (circa 1949) isn’t as lovely as these (it’s a blue and white checkerboard-pixelated looking pattern. It’s very, very dull and I can’t figure out the grout (looks like cement and is uneven in color). We are totally new at home improvement matters.

      1. NK says:

        Oh nice, thanks! Maybe I’ll do a bit more tile research before acting on anything as it seems that our white-tiled walls have pink with blue accents hiding underneath white paint, and I’d really love to restore the bathroom to as original a state as possible.

        1. Patty says:

          Years ago I was told by a flooring company that had been in business for a couple of generations that the tiny floor tile came in a shiny or a dull/matt finish. I too have the dull. It also looks like concrete grout.

          1. JefferyK says:

            The white hex tile floor in my apartment’s bathroom is original, which means it is a little over 100 years old. The tile has a dull finish, and the grout looks like cement. The floor is in remarkably good shape, but I wish I could figure out how to spruce up the white tile — it is a bit dingy.

          2. Russell says:

            I think NK may have unglazed porcelain tile. That is what is in our bathroom. They are known for having good slip resistance and scratch resistance which is key in a wet heavy use application such as a bathroom. I’ve read that they can however stain easier then glazed tile. The grout could be redone but its not something that I would do myself. I would leave that up to an expert but its probable going to be pricey and I would really make sure that the contractor has experience with these older floors that have very small grout lines.

  2. Lynn-O-Matic says:

    Amazing floor! Yeah, a followup story would be great. I’d also love to see some bigger photos. Some of those files are tiny. I’m particularly fond of the screen porch. I’ve always wanted one.

  3. deb says:

    Went back and read the original post from 2008. It would be great to know who won the battle on the pink bathroom?? 🙂

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