Do you want to live to be 105? Never stop working and creating, and good genes probably help, too. Yes: The legendary Eva Zeisel — who died in December at 105 — designed this set of clear picture or photo frames, sold today by Wexel Art, when she was 104.  Like much of Zeisel’s work, the frame set plays with curves. One of my favorite Zeisel-isms was when she said a lot of critics criticized her work for being kind of ‘chubby’ but that, heck, she was kind of chubby, too.

These curves actually remind me of the jigsawed scalloped edging on the cornices commonly places above window in midcentury homes to hide the drapery mechanicals.

This is a three-frame set. These are clear acrylic “floating” wall frames. You attach your artwork with magnets. The innovation is that this makes your art very easy to change out. I read the Wexel website, the original idea seems to have originated as a classier way to display children’s artwork, since they bring home so much of it. The frames are not cheap — $119 total for the three piece set — but golly, they are authentic Eva. I think I might have to get a set to celebrate when my office-craft room is done. I can use them to display — and continuously change out — my Artist Trading Cards. Well done, Wexel Art!

Would you like to learn more about Eva Zeisel and other products of hers, still available for sale today? Read my: Eva Zeisel Biography and Comprehensive Online Guide.

  1. Hugh says:

    My Eva Zeisel china and Norman Cherner chairs are about the only ‘new’ pieces in my whole house.

  2. TappanTrailerTami says:

    Pam, it’s so funny you posted about Eva. I almost sent you an email about her last week, because I had never really heard of her but spotted a Hall percolator on eBay with one of her designs. So, I Googled her, and discovered she had recently passed away, and had a long and celebrated career. Extraordinary to say the least!

  3. Michael says:

    I think an entire wall filled with these frames would be STUNNING [and rather expensive.] Hmm…

    1. Steve 66 says:

      Yes, that would be cool – a kind of random asymetrical grouping on a wall, especially if the acrylic was in different colors!

  4. Jeff says:

    Love Zeisel’s work- have the ‘Caprice’ china pattern from Hall- and love these frames as well- I’m constantly fascinated by artists and comedians who all seem to live to such advanced ages.

    Pam, speaking of those scalloped 50’s cornice boards, I originally had them throughtout the house, and with the help of pictures, have been able to start replicating them- best of all, I found a source for 8 foot strips of scalloped trim, done in both the traditional scallop, and the one punctuated by darts- different widths as well, and CHEAP!

    Thanks again for a wonderful homage to an artist who, like Viktor Schreckengost continued to produce fantastic designs well into old age.

  5. Maryann Roy says:

    Pam – Thank you for sharing! I was not familiar with Eva Zeisel until seeing this piece. I clicked on the biography that you did as well. What a brilliant, charming woman!

    Retro Renovation broadens my knowledge once again!

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