Yes: A 1953 knotty pine den with an original wallpapered ceiling. This is so inspiring, it takes my breath away. When they first moved in, Brian & Keri (of the the 1953 retro kitchen remodel) were not thrilled with the wallpaper. But, they waited a while before taking it down — and now they love it. Brian explains:

Hi Pam-
Our den is small, with alot of furniture in it, so these were the best photos I could get for you.
When we first bought the house, we were less than crazy about the wallpaper ceiling and planned to remove the wallpaper. However, over time the ceiling grew on us.  The wallpaper on the ceiling makes the room darker and appear smaller, but gives it a cozy feel.
Most people paint over the knotty pine.  We love the honey color of the wood, so we plan to leave it alone.  We were told the original owners who lived here for 50 years smoked like chimneys, which may account for that lovely dark honey knotty pine.  The only thing the room is missing is a deer head mounted on the wall.
– Brian
Thank you, Brian, for fulfilling my request to, like, go lay down on the floor of your knotty pine den and take photos in which we could see furniture+walls+ceiling. Did Keri laugh her head off? Gold star!
Vintage wallpaper on the ceiling of my paneled den! Vintage wallpaper on the ceiling of my paneled den! I want vintage wallpaper on the ceiling of my paneled den! Cozy is good.

One of the most important lessons
of Retro Renovation:

And, here’s a repeat of that super duper important Retro Renovation principal: LIVE WITH YOUR HOUSE A YEAR, at the least, before you go rippin’ vintage things out (unless there are environmental or safety factors, of course.) Save the regrets by taking it slow. Learn the house you’re in; Love the house you’re in.

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