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Mayday! Mayday! Lady Retro Hath Doth Bitten Off More Than She Can Cheweth. Office remodel is killing her. Has decided to do a Big Reveal, rather than a drip drip drip of what is happening. What is happening now is that she has been painting painting painting painting. Hands all dried out. Shoulders aching. Has lost count of number of trips to Caligari’s (local hardware store), but will get harsh reminder when credit card bills come in. Next few days are critical: Denise coming this morning to help with epic part of project. She is bringing Bug to play with Astro. Will stay a couple of days. Expect blog postings to be erratic and if/when they come, to include miniature schnauzers being uber-cute. Contractor dudes (above) — the awesome Kevin Sullivan (on right) of Colonial Restoration, Dalton, Mass., with sidekick Dave — have been amazing albeit not onto my ways. I lecture them on how to pose for the camera. Arms at side! “Come on, take the picture already,” they say, exasperated, not knowing I’d already taken 12.

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