Butcher block countertops — great prices, 75 sizes

butcher block countertops from mcmaster carrbutcher block countertops from mcmaster carrMy obsession with finding the perfect storage solutions for my office studio remodel has been leading me to new resources. (Well, new to me.) My latest discovery: McMaster-Carr, who market all kinds of products to engineering types, and whose online catalog claims to feature 490,000 different products. Yes: 490,000 items. The first thing I want to spotlight from this incredible compendium: Butcher block countertops — in both maple and oak — that are offered in an expansive range of sizes — and at what, to me, seem like terrific prices. In addition, the maple butcher block comes in two thickness — a standard 1-3/4″ but also, a hunkier chunkier 2-1/4″. You can also get several edging styles. Based on one website I found (C&H) these seem to be made by John Boos, the famous maker of butcher block.

I discovered McMaster-Carr while visiting a friend’s house last week. She was using the 2-1/4 maple butcher block as a long run of countertop in her office studio: It looked fantastic.

Of course, this material also can be used in a kitchen. I am a big proponent of using a variety of surfaces in your kitchen — especially the larger that it is. To be sure, this butcher block is going to be fussier to care for than laminate. But, if you keep the surface oiled and clean up spills quickly — and learn to love patina — it would look great in most retro kitchens.

Maybe a bit to the left of your stove? That’s where I put mine.

Maybe use it for a bit of space where you keep family memos and such?

For the top of a small island?

I just would not set a sink into it — keep persistent water away.

The only place I know of to get this sort of countertop for less money is Ikea — they have a 96″L x 24″D x 1.5″thick birch countertop for $139. To compare, the similar sized (but 1.75″ thick) maple counter from McMaster-Carr is $293. I found one more place, C&H, that has some of the same butcher block (it appears) *currently* on sale — a few sizes may be less expensive, although not all, and not all sizes are available compared to McMaster-Carr.

Does anyone know of a better source for butcher block at a better price?
If so, I’d sure like to hear.


  1. DEE YAKLICH says:

    i read on a blog that Ikea countertops are not solid wood but pieced togeather and then covered with a thinner sheet. when the cut the end they found it, they also routered the edge and there was a knot hole in the edge. but they loved them when they got then installed. he worked with wood so that was very helpful. the pictures looked great.

    1. Jess says:

      This is true for some of the wood countertops at Ikea. However they do sell solid wood countertops! A friend of mine has them. The solid wood countertops are called HAMMARP.

  2. Mary Florence says:

    I have found another potential supplier, Old World Molding Co in Mooresville, NC, http://www.oldworld.co. Their website only shows cutting boards but they will also manufacture custom countertops. They are a little pricey, about $50 more for a comparable size from McMasterCarr, but they make a high quality product and will also sell you a mineral oil/beeswax solution for cleaning. I would suggest contacting the company through their website for more info.

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