Design your own workbench – amazing selection and prices

design your own workbenchSkip the prefab workbenches from Sears or wherever: Design your own workbench — or crafting area — to fit your space and needs using the amazing variety of legs, shelves, stringers, drawers and countertops available from McMaster-Carr. Researching storage solutions for my office remodel, I bumped into an amazing resource for all kinds of home improvement materials  — McMaster-Carr — last week. Their product line is pretty expansive, and their prices seem very competitive. This company claims 490,000 items on their website. There are a big bunch of ready-made workbenches here. BUT, if you want to design your own, here’s the trick:

  • Go to this page, Workbench Legs. 10 different styles of workbench legs. Argh, lots of choices: Adjustable height (great when you want to get your countertop to 40″ high, as I do, for my crafting studio), non-adjustable height… possible countertop depths 24-30-36″… different shelving arrangements… and I love that recessed style design, drats, I only wish it could handle a 24″ deep countertop. Note: It’s likely you are going to need a stringer for your legs to provide stability. And on the pages for each leg style, you also will be able to select shelving that fits your legs.
  • Next, click here –> choose from eight types of countertops to go on your workbench legs. There is steel… stainless steel… maple butcher block… oak butcher block… particle board… laminate and two styles of scientific work tops including that black stuff like they had in science class — very cool!
  • Do you want to add some drawers? There are three styles that can be mounted on the underside of your countertop.
  • What else? Upper shelves here….  Casters? 2,596 to choose from.

Yikes, this place is work bench and tool room heaven. My favorite store has always been: A hardware store.

Note, I am going to follow up this story with one listing all the different makers of workbenches that I could identify. Meanwhile, I think McMaster-Carr is a great place to start if you want to design your own.

  1. Tear-Down Townie says:

    I could spend hours browsing through the McMaster Carr Catalog (over 3500 pages). Their website is great, but sometimes I stumble upon things in the catalog that I never knew existed (or that I might need). I’m not sure how their prices compare to McMaster Carr, but I’ve also purcased some workbench components from Global Industrial: http://www.globalindustrial.com

  2. midmodms says:

    I like this. I’ve been intending to make something, since I never like the way the ready-mades are organized. That includes potting benches, sewing stations, or craft tables. Maybe I can design one bench that fits multiple purposes? Since I have limited space. (Probably not sewing plus potting plants, though).

  3. BlueJay says:

    McMaster-Carr is awesome. We ordered some aluminum trim from them a year or so ago. The first piece came damaged and they shipped us a replacement, no questions asked. They also did not want the damaged one back, so we ended up with 2 pieces! Great customer service and great products!

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