$20 glam: Use free starburst stencils to create a romantic retro bedroom focus wall

starburst stencil on bedroom wall We have another reader — Patti — who got all fearless and crafty-like and has used our free starburst stencil pattern to add romantic, glamorous retro starbursts to her bedroom wall. Dreamy!

romantic retro bedroom with starburst stencils

Patti writes:

Patti in her girlfriend’s mom’s 1960’s eyeglasses — recently cleared from the time capsule 1960 house.

I just stenciled the stars onto the wall behind my bookcase headboard, (a peachy pink wall) and used silver metallic. It is AWESOME! I can’t get over what an impact it made. I made one star on paper following Karen’s instructions(8×10)… then reduced it on the copier by 75% and 50% so they’d all be the same… then traced them onto the stencil blank and cut them out. You could also use the stencil with a clear gloss paint on a flat wall. Wouldn’t that be cool!

metallic paint used for starburst stencilsI also sent a pic of the label on the silver paint, color is Shimmering Silver, bought at Hobby Lobby. It was $7.99 but I used a 40% off coupon. All the other paints are Sherwin Williams Super Paint. Bedroom is Peach Blossom #6624 (interior flat).

starburst stencils on a garage doorAnd… I also, just in the past few days, painted my drab garage doors and stenciled the starbursts on a few panels. I used the same stencil from my bedroom but turned it sideways, big star on the left on the left door and flipped it on the right door. I have a really hard time being ‘random’!

I’ll be starting on my kitchen next month. Because, as you know…the fun never stops!

starburst stencils on a bedroom wall done in metallic paintI asked Patti a few more questions, she responded:

…I stippled the garage because the doors are kinda textured. I used the same stipple brush for the bedroom but used it more like a regular brush, kinda sweeping over all the edges so it wouldn’t bleed under. (The silver paint is silky.) It was easier when I decided, halfway through the bedroom wall, to use stencil adhesive. I didn’t have to use stencil adhesive on the garage because the door paint was still a little tacky.

…Not counting the price of the wall paint and only counting the cost of actual materials used it’s more like $5. I barely used any of the silver paint and adhesive and only one stencil sheet. But if you have to go out and buy it all new, $20 is close.

Thank you, Patti, for sharing, and Happy Birthday To You! The bedroom is awesome, indeed. And readers, I already asked Patti where she got that wonderful bedspread. “eBay,” she said, “$29.98..more than I normally spend but I love it.”

Get stippling, tribe. Here’s the pattern: Three starburst stencil projects — including a free pattern

Finally: Reader Nancy even made a pattern of Karen’s stencil, which she has shared out into our retro universe. She says:

Hi – I made a starburst template, following Karen’s great instructions! Feel free to use it. One image is a higher resolution that the other. Go to my photobucket and scroll down:

Happy stencilling!

  1. Paula says:

    This looks so great!. I used the same stencil paint on a bathroom 14 years ago and it wears like a champ! A little crazy advice; save your stencil! I had to touch up the background of my stenciled bathroom last summer and used my original stencil to cut masking pieces. It made the job super easy.

  2. Jen says:

    Wow, that looks FANTASTIC. Might have to do the same in my office. And kitchen. And on the garage door. And perhaps a few sneaky ones on the small wall in the library.

    Patti, you did a marvellous job! It looks so SWANK!

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