$20 glam: Use free starburst stencils to create a romantic retro bedroom focus wall

starburst stencil on bedroom wall We have another reader — Patti — who got all fearless and crafty-like and has used our free starburst stencil pattern to add romantic, glamorous retro starbursts to her bedroom wall. Dreamy!

romantic retro bedroom with starburst stencils

Patti writes:

Patti in her girlfriend’s mom’s 1960’s eyeglasses — recently cleared from the time capsule 1960 house.

I just stenciled the stars onto the wall behind my bookcase headboard, (a peachy pink wall) and used silver metallic. It is AWESOME! I can’t get over what an impact it made. I made one star on paper following Karen’s instructions(8×10)… then reduced it on the copier by 75% and 50% so they’d all be the same… then traced them onto the stencil blank and cut them out. You could also use the stencil with a clear gloss paint on a flat wall. Wouldn’t that be cool!

metallic paint used for starburst stencilsI also sent a pic of the label on the silver paint, color is Shimmering Silver, bought at Hobby Lobby. It was $7.99 but I used a 40% off coupon. All the other paints are Sherwin Williams Super Paint. Bedroom is Peach Blossom #6624 (interior flat).

starburst stencils on a garage doorAnd… I also, just in the past few days, painted my drab garage doors and stenciled the starbursts on a few panels. I used the same stencil from my bedroom but turned it sideways, big star on the left on the left door and flipped it on the right door. I have a really hard time being ‘random’!

I’ll be starting on my kitchen next month. Because, as you know…the fun never stops!

starburst stencils on a bedroom wall done in metallic paintI asked Patti a few more questions, she responded:

…I stippled the garage because the doors are kinda textured. I used the same stipple brush for the bedroom but used it more like a regular brush, kinda sweeping over all the edges so it wouldn’t bleed under. (The silver paint is silky.) It was easier when I decided, halfway through the bedroom wall, to use stencil adhesive. I didn’t have to use stencil adhesive on the garage because the door paint was still a little tacky.

…Not counting the price of the wall paint and only counting the cost of actual materials used it’s more like $5. I barely used any of the silver paint and adhesive and only one stencil sheet. But if you have to go out and buy it all new, $20 is close.

Thank you, Patti, for sharing, and Happy Birthday To You! The bedroom is awesome, indeed. And readers, I already asked Patti where she got that wonderful bedspread. “eBay,” she said, “$29.98..more than I normally spend but I love it.”

Get stippling, tribe. Here’s the pattern: Three starburst stencil projects — including a free pattern

Finally: Reader Nancy even made a pattern of Karen’s stencil, which she has shared out into our retro universe. She says:

Hi – I made a starburst template, following Karen’s great instructions! Feel free to use it. One image is a higher resolution that the other. Go to my photobucket and scroll down:

Happy stencilling!

  1. Brad says:

    It looks awesome! I’m going to do the same to a wall in my office today. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Jen says:

    Wow, that looks FANTASTIC. Might have to do the same in my office. And kitchen. And on the garage door. And perhaps a few sneaky ones on the small wall in the library.

    Patti, you did a marvellous job! It looks so SWANK!

  3. Paula says:

    This looks so great!. I used the same stencil paint on a bathroom 14 years ago and it wears like a champ! A little crazy advice; save your stencil! I had to touch up the background of my stenciled bathroom last summer and used my original stencil to cut masking pieces. It made the job super easy.

  4. Mick "Big Daddy" DiSalle says:

    Oh, my GOSH! *Love* (I’m wondering how it might look if I painted my ceiling in the bedroom a dark blue matte, and then did this ‘star’ effect… Hmm… !! Great look!

  5. Casey says:

    Wow! I love it! I have a set of pink starburst lamps with matching fiberglass shades in almost the same color combo as your room. The light fixture next to the bed is great, too.

    Another idea, maybe for those who rent or those who want a less-permanent design, would be to cut the starburst out of metallic contact paper and apply it to the wall. It’s fully removable and (I’ve heard) won’t damage the wall surface.

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