retro renovation in the detroit free pressNow and again there’s a newspaper story about the blog. I don’t post them all, because, well, I’m gonna get a big head. But, I had to show this one because, well, could that head-slash-photo get any bigger? What a hoot — that’s Sunday’s story in the Detroit Free Press — reader Jeanne sent me the photo of the front page of the real estate section, which certainly … calls attention to our cause.

Actually, this story — which you can read here online — originated in the Akron Beacon Journal and was published on April 7. Home editor Mary Beth Breckenridge did a fantastic writeup of our phone interview. Lordy, I recall being all strung out on coffee. Seriously, now that I work from home, if you get me on the phone, I talk your ear off. Luckily, she thought it was all quite fun — she is from Youngstown, Ohio, she told me — home of the #1 Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets, so she gets it, of course. I LOVE her story. It was published in Akron — but then, a few weeks later, the story was picked up and syndicated by McClatchy-Tribune. Now: The story has been appearing all over, including Seattle, Miami, Detroit (twice!), Kansas City, Toledo, Wisconsin and Utah.

Mary Beth Breckenridge’s story in the Akron Beacon-Journal also inspired this story about Retro Renovation in the Daily Mail onlineEngland loves the Retro, too!

I usually do post stories like this on Facebook Fan Page when they appear. Lots of readers said this was their favorite line from this story:

She can hardly go to an estate sale without filling her car with midcentury furniture, accessories and other home elements. “I just get all like saving puppies about it,” she said.

But what I’m happiest made it into the story (in addition to getting “Whac-A-Mole” into a legitimate newspaper writeup) is this:

She also loves the community that has grown up around her blog, a group of midcentury-home fans who bond over sunburst mirrors and tension pole lamps. With so much cumulative knowledge, she said, it seems there’s always someone who can answer the questions posed by her readers.

And someone to ooh and aah over that electrified faucet.

xoxo, dear readers. Thank YOU for continuing to make this whole journey a BoOm PoW BLAST! Are we having fun yet?

  1. KATHYH says:

    WOW! i am way behind on reading your blog, but the Akron Beacon Journal? that’s my town’s paper! I never find anything this good in that paper! and i missed this?? I will have to re-educate DH to these things! He reads it every day and surely did miss this. i cannot believe that as he and I have had many conversations about savethepinkbathrooms, retrorenovations etc since we live in a 50’s house…proving once again how much he really listens to me!! hahaha! In any case, CONGRATULATIONS to you! Nice nice article.

  2. Gwen says:

    Good morning Pam!
    Congrats on your Detroit Free Press article. This morning, my husband was reading the “At Home” section of the Baltimore Sun (Sunday, May 27) and asked “Are you familiar with the name Pam Kueber?” And there you were, staring back at us from Page 3. Congrats from Charm City, Hon! 🙂

    1. pam kueber says:

      Woot! San Antonio and Palm Springs also reported coverage today! It’s like… where’s Waldo? xoxo

  3. Your Akron piece appeared in our Palm Springs valley paper, The Desert Sun, May 5. Since we’re a mecca of mid-century homes, your blog should garner appreciative eyeballs.
    As a Realtor, I’ve sold many mid-century homes and look forward to recommending your site to receptive homeowners.

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