Metallic wallpaper — historic Judscott fragments discovered and for sale at Hannah’s

Yes, this is We Luv Vintage Wallpaper Week here on Retro Renovation. And what did I spot just in synch with all my crazy patchwork quilt vintage wallpaper room groove this week on ebay? Well, all these amazing fragments of vintage metallic wallpaper and super glossy vintage wallpaper from one of the mavens of vintage wallpaper, Hannah’s Treasures. They are all by “Judscott,” who we cannot find much info about. I found a listing and phone number in New York. Called it. No response. But, there is an ad, which Hannah also has for sale. This must have been a substantial company. Who knows anything about this company?

metallic wallpaper jud scott from hannahs treasuresFragments of a number these designs are available and for sale on ebay — Hannah’s Treasures says they were found in great condition at an estate sale, she has some 50 that will be coming online slowly but surely. I see that she is also offering some fragments framed. Note: If you buy metallic or super glossy vintage wallpaper — I *think* you need to be super duper careful when you install them — I *think* you are not supposed to get any wallpaper paste on the front of them at all. Talk about fussy.

More examples of the beauteous, vintage Jud Scott wallpaper fragments in Hannah’s for-sale collection, for our archival record:

metallic wallpaper vintage

from hannahs treasures

vintage 1960s jud scott wallpaper from hannahs treasures

vintage 1960s wallpaper jud scott from hannahs treasures

1960s wallpaper jud scott from hannahs treasures

1960s wallpaper by jud scott from hannahs treasures1960s vintage wallpaper sunny

metallic wallpaper from hannahs treasures

metallic wallpaper from hannahs treasurespatchwork wallpaper vintage from hannahs treasures

  1. Howard says:

    Judscott was a wallpaper company started by Sally Lefkovitz and her husband. They started showing their wallcoverings in Chicago at a showroom on Wells St. And later moved into the Merchandise Mart. The wallcoverings were hand printed in PR and shipped here. After one of them died problems arose. They closed their showroom and showed through Stroheim and Romann for a while. They were dropped because of production delays and eventually died out. I do not know what happened to all the patterns they had.

  2. Princess 10583 says:

    I knew these people- they were a husband and wife couple. She ran the showroom and design aspect of it. They lived in Westchester, the factory was in Yonkers and the showroom in NYC. Sold high-priced wallpaper exclusively to the trade. Very successful company. They are both dead, the husband for many years.

  3. Julie T. says:

    I have about 50-55 sheets of the same Jud Scott wallpaper pieces, also purchased at an estate sale. I am interested in getting rid of them. I just never was sure where to do it. They were so beautiful, I had to have them, but I can’t think of anything to use them for.

  4. denise says:

    ooooooh love the brown/orange paisley….the black/white caning background with big flowers is a favorite, too.

    The paper in the ad looks so similar to the papers used in the English series of Sherlock Holmes and also in Watson’s office of the recent movie with Robert Downey Jr.

    Loved them there, love them here.

  5. Stacy says:

    Oh, you have loved the metallic pink and grey paper I removed from my bathroom. But you would not have loved the 55 year old smell that was coming from it! I think if it get wet at all, the moisture gets trapped behind it and can’t get out.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Yes, I think I have read that vinyl wallpaper in a bathroom is a concern for that reason. I need to research this issue more…

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