Replacement parts for window shutters — best place I found for hinges and hardware

The vintage orange shutters that I used for the windows in my recent office remodel came from the home of my mother-in-law. They have sentimental value — and fit my 1960 acid trip decor very well. However, when I went to get the shutters out from under the basement stairs, I saw immediately that they were missing some important pieces of shutter hardware required to hang them properly.

Note, I used the shutters as decoration only. They were originally four-piece units. The accordian kind. But the accordian width was not enough to truly cover my window. So I took them apart and just used one piece to the right and one, to the left, for color and a bit of shielding from the sun.

Luckily, I had a few pieces of the special hinge thingies that you need to hang shutter flush with your window trim. They were not attached, so I had to play around with them to figure out how they worked. Once I understood, I went online to find replacement hinges. I wanted to start from scratch — replace all the hardware with the same design. I didn’t want to spend a fortune. It took me a while of searching, but I thing I found a good source for replacement shutter hardware: Shuttermedic.com.

best online source for shutter hardward

I liked this site because they had good drawings that helped me make sure I ordered the exact size I needed, which is important. It had the kind of aged bronze color that was exactly what I wanted. Before I ordered, I even called to make sure this was a real person. It was. My order came super fast, even though it was small. Ta da, task completed with minimal drama. That does not happen very often.

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