One round-trip ticket in a time machine — Where would you go, back in time?

If I had just one round trip ticket to use in the way-back time machine, I think I’d go here. How about you? Where, when? Seriously. Or not.

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  1. BEPSF says:

    This one is easy:
    I’d have my Valet pack the Louis Vuitton steamer trunks with my Tuxedos, and the Chauffeur would load them into my Model SJ Duesenberg, and we’d all motor to LeHavre the last week of May 1935 for the Maiden Voyage in a port-side DeLuxe suite aboard the S.S. Normandie to New York.

  2. Just another Pam says:

    If we can do “do overs” I’d buy my grandmother’s cottage after she died instead of selling it to the neighbours as she wished, it wasn’t in the will. Yeah, I’m that kind of horrible person but I do so miss it and spending the summers at the shore. Besides, they tore it down…..sob….

  3. Mike S says:

    Oh, MUST the ticket be round trip? Couldn’t I just stay there? Oh, please!

    But if I must return, I’d like to go to an early Beach Boys concert. Or maybe hear the first live performance of The Association’s Windy. Or maybe at Cape Canaveral for John Glenn’s launch for his trip around the earth.

    Fact is, those days are just way cooler than today. I know there is a heaven, and wish so very much that we can live the life we want there. My house would be filled with Danish Modern stuff, and I’d have a stack of 33 1/3 albums that would never, ever scratch!

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