1960 Houston time capsule house — Foil wallpaper galore, you know I luv it

time capsule tuesday on retro renovationI bumble bumble don’t even know how to start. The bedrooms and bathrooms in this 1960 Houston time capsule house — are just blowing my mind. All the glorious, mirrored vintage wallpaper — covering the walls, covering the ceilings… accented with glamorous lighting, raised platform beds, smoked plexiglass screens, yadda yadda yadda sing: We got the funk, we gotta have that funk…”. Thanks to reader JamieAbe for tipping us off to this beautiful home — gold star! And thanks to real estate agent Linda Scarborough for permission to feature these photos — I am showing 9 11 fabulous photos in all, prepare your eyeballs –>

Above: You know I adore the wallpaper, along with the overall layout of the room — amazing. I am thinking those are vinyl parquet floor tiles, though. Not so much likey if they are vinyl, but if I bought this house and they were in fabulous shape, I would probably keep them. I certainly like the look. Much of the parquet flooring in old houses was real, 3/4″ thick wood, cut special to make a parquet design. I have it my dining room. At the time, it was more expensive than tongue-in-groove oak laid the regular way.

House details: 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2928 s.f., on the market for $450,000. Right now the listing says “option pending”.

Fantastic colors. Love the green. You know, there is a lot of vintage carpet h*** bombs being thrown around these days, I think. If it’s in great shape, I say clean it and keep it. In particular, I love carpet in a bedroom and in a family room.

It’s impossible to choose a favorite, because there seem to be new delights behind every bedroom door. This vintage foil wallpaper design is just wonderful…

Sauna alert!

I am not a huge fan of fiberglass shower inserts. But I would keep this. Super cool. Update: I super duper wooper agree with reader/commenter Patty who wants to see the faucet handles. I have just added close ups from two bathrooms, there seem to be two different designs:

vintage bathroom faucet glass handles
glass lever faucet handle bathroom Focus on the bathroom faucet handles — glass or crystal or maybe plastic, each bathroom looks to have a slightly different design

Yes YEs YES!

Okay, so now I’m gonna say I like this one the best. French Provincial cabinetry… meets crazy foil wallpaper… my oh my. Note: There is a Joan Rivers video from her 1960s talk show in which she talks about this foil wallpaper, calling it “the new look” or something like that. It was ALL THE RAGE. I gotta go find that episode.

Yes, there is an outside the house. And a kitchen, too. The kitchen seems lovely, but a much more sedate, newer wallpaper there. I would love to see photos from the 60s – I bet there was mod wallpaper in the kitchen, too.

This house overall: YOWZA, Fantastic in so many ways!

What do you think?
Could you live with all this foil wallpaper?
P.S. Even if your answer is “no”, please express your opinion in a nice way, let’s spread luv 🙂

(That is: I’m moderating downers, so phrase it happy-like even this ain’t your cuppa.)
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