Terrific bathroom tile ideas from 12 reader bathrooms

mid-century-peach-tile-bathThanks to all the readers who uploaded photos of their awesome vintage bathrooms and bathroom tile recently. What a treat it was to get a look into your loos! With 171 photos, it took quite a bit of work to narrow it down to the featured 12. I tried to pick bathrooms with interesting color schemes, unusual and detail oriented tile jobs — it was really impossible, there were so many terrific vintage bathrooms — but here are 12 of my favorite original bathrooms.love the house you're in
grey-black-vintage-bathAbove: Jeanne’s vintage grey and black bathroom tile caught my eye because of the classic, high-quality two-tone pinwheel floor tile and the thin black liner tile, set low, that ties in with the black toilet paper holder. Such a great detail!

1960s-blue-tile-bathroomAbove: DJS from Brecksville, Ohio has a lovely original Regency Blue bathroom with American Standard Fixtures in their 1961 ranch. The blue wall tile looks smaller than the more common 4 inch square tile from this era — giving folks who need to do a gut remodel of their mid century bathroom another view of what a smaller-tile alternative would look like. I also  love the hand towel bar in between the sinks, the sliding-door storage cabinets recessed right into the wall mirror (Fantastic idea!), and the mod light fixtures.

1950-pink-retro-bathroomAbove: You know I couldn’t leave out the pink in my list of favorite reader tile bathrooms — Todd A. has a pink and grey tile combo going on in his bathroom. I’m especially in love with the way the bullnose tile wraps around the mirror cabinet and the sink… and it looks like the shower (on the right) comes in at an angle. That is serious tile work!

mid-century-peach-tile-bathAbove: Scott’s peachy keen vintage bath in Florida really got my heart fluttering — I love the speckled floor, the color scheme and wow, have you ever seen vanity quite like this one? Usually I’m not a double-sink type of person, but this configuration is amazing. I wish my master bath had enough room for one of these.

yellow-and-black-tile-vintageAbove: I’m loving Bird and Ernie’s yellow and black 1948 bathroom. So many bathrooms in this style are simply black and white — which is a classic and sophisticated choice — but the pale yellow with the black and white takes it up a notch. Also — is that vintage wallpaper or fabric I spy in the frame above the toilet? The design is just perfect — great touch.

vintage retro yellow-and-mint-green tile bathroomAbove: Rebecca’s 1959 sunny yellow and mint green vintage tile bathroom is a cheery spot, for sure. I have the same minty green tub in my hall bathroom and wish that my white tile was yellow like Rebecca’s instead. I’m loving her choice of fabric for the window shades, too — ties in nicely with the core colors.

mid century mod orange bathroom tileAbove: Kevin B. Wagner has quite the awesome orange tile and coordinating laminate countertops in his Bob Beharka designed house. The wood trim and ceiling details are an interesting choice for a wet area of a bathroom, but by the looks of it, they’ve held up well over the years. Pam says she loves how the wood trim above the shower and holding the overhead light add modern architectural detail — allowing for the addition of a clerestory window above the shower action — nicely done.

avocado-green-tiled-bathroomAbove: Lynne’s very green bathroom caught my eye because of the vast amount of the same shade of green tile — and vanity painted to match. I have to wonder if the original floor and toilet were also green? All the vintage bathroom sinks we’re seeing today are pretty cool, don’t you think?

yellow-and-peach-retro-tileAbove: Margie C. has an awesome Yellow and peachy bathroom. I‘m loving the floor — which she installed to correct someone else’s “update.” This is another color scheme that is so light, sunny and timeless — I could see myself using these tiles in my house — and loving them forever.

peach-and-blue-vintage-tileAbove: I just had to include JD Log’s 1959 blue and peach bath because — have you ever seen a tile bath faucet? That’s got to be a woddity right there, right Pam? [Pam adds: I am thinking this is not a U.S. bathroom. England — maybe Australia — is my guess. Am I right JD Log?]

retro-1950-bath-mint-greenAbove: This reader’s 1958 minty green and brown original bath is another favorite of mine. From the vanity to the mosaic floor to the layout, I love it all. It even looks like they kept the original aluminum window!

vintage-aqua-tile-with pinecone detail


Above: And finally, Lynn’s Aqua tile bathroom has some kitschy and cool pine cone detailed tiles! 


  1. Lisa says:

    I know this is an older post but thought I’d give this a try anyway. We are buying a new-to-us old house and I have the same green potty, bathtub and sink in that shade of green. I have been desperately trying to figure out what color of green field tile to put on the walls and around the tub. It’s not the seafoamy blueish green I’ve seen in other 50’s homes. It’s that darker one shown here. Any help on which currently available tile would go with these green fixtures? Thanks so much.

  2. Jeanette says:

    I need help incooperating gold colored tub into a decorating scheme/theme. Any ideas or sites that help? I was thinking kids mermaid theme because it remibds me of a shell.

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