1950s architecture for Nancy’s 2012 pool house — 10 pictures

“…Neighbors here for years were blown away
and thought the original owners would be very proud.”

retro-patio-with pool“The original owners would be very proud.” That’s what neighbors told Nancy after she completed her big project to add a swimming pool and pool house next to her 1950s house that sits alongside the Chesapeake Bay. And you should be proud, too, Nancy!  Yes, not only is the interior is spectacular — readers, see all 17 photos in our separate story on Nancy’s interior design — but the architecture of your pool house is so seamless that no one would ever guess the pool house has not been there all the time. Staycations a deprivation? Not in this happy mid mod retirement compound! 9 more photos of the exterior of Nancy’s pool house follow. Fire pit and outdoor shower, anyone? –>

retro-ranch-by-the-waterIt’s lovely to imagine being a guest at Nancy’s — winding down the stone drive to see this, just as I pass the tree line. A mid century getaway set right on the water with breathtaking views of both nature and architecture.


retro-mid-century-ranch-landscapingI absolutely love the irregular stone walkways that lead between buildings — they add simple mid century style charm to the landscaping.

mid-century-ranch-and-pool-houseNancy and her builder did a great job making the pool house mimic the architecture of the main house, yet still remain subordinate. Notice how so many of the details — from the pitch of the roof to the shape of the windows — match up nicely. In fact, Nancy did such a good job that some people think the pool house has always been there:

The best compliment I have received is when the realtor that sold us the house came to see it… He wanted to know if we just furnished the inside!? It seems he thought we had done such a great job of being true to the architecture of the main house — for example, the exterior lights and window sills are exactly the same — so he thought it had always been here and he didn’t remember?

Also, the neighbors that have been here for years knew and watched all of the work. When they saw it completed they were blown away and thought the original owners would be very proud.

mid-century-ranch-exteriorSee that bit of bright orange peeking out from the corner of the pool house? Those are lockers that Nancy salvaged and had painted Orange Crush 🙂 — providing a safe and dry place for guests to stash their stuff. Another thoughtful touch: The corrugated metal privacy screen for the outdoor shower.

outdoor-shower and lockers

mid-century-patio-fireplaceAbove: The free standing fireplace for the pool house patio was found at a local barn sale that Nancy happened upon one weekend on the way to Farmer’s Market.  She had to have it (no one was interested in it until she found it) and Nancy didn’t pay much for it at all (even though it is all copper). A local landscape company moved it for her (since the fireplace is so large & heavy). Interestingly, when Nancy was doing research on the architect of the main house she discovered the architect was a woman (rare the 50’s), named Chloethiel Woodard Smith.

mid-century-ranch-with-poolAll throughout Nancy’s property, there are pops of color and fun surprises — like the decorative glass pieces peeking up from that grouping of plants. Details = Love, for decorators, at least!

mid-century-patioCongratulation on a job well done Nancy — I’m sure you will enjoy your beautiful new pool house for years to come and make many happy memories there — and if ever you decide to turn it into a bed and breakfast please book me for the first weekend.

This isn’t Nancy’s first time being featured on Retro Renovation — she’s one of the “founding readers” going all the way back to 2007, Pam says.

  1. JivenMama says:

    Stellar job! both on building the pool house, and on making all the right decisions to create a wonderful life for your family.

  2. Zoe says:

    Oh. My. God. So much awesomeness in one place! Nancy, you’re a genius — that fireplace is to die for! As is the pool house itself. Wow.

  3. Joe Felice says:

    Great job, beautiful setting! Orange Crush? Thought y’all were from Texas, not Bronco fans from Colorado! ;-}

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