Pink and metallic gold mosaic tile in this vintage Sarasota bathroom

pink gold metallic tileHere is a scrumptious vintage bathroom — a Sarasota beauty covered in small mosaic ceramic tile glazed in soft pink and metallic gold. Reader Paul is a protector of pink bathrooms and writes:

Hi Pam,

The pink bathroom is in the home of my friends Bonnie and Kenny, here is Sarasota.

pink and gold metallic bathroom tileMost of their house was updated by the previous owner, but fortunately, the bathrooms were kept mostly original.   They are constantly “discussing” a renovation (one says “yes, now!” the other says “No, never!”), but I have been very vocal about preserving them.  You can’t find tile with gold paint brushed on just anywhere!

pink and gold metallic bathroom tilemetallic tilemosaic tile counter topOn a side note, my parents’ house in Cocoa Beach, Florida, has the exact same gold-brushed tile in three of the bathrooms, but in one it’s orange and yellow, in another it’s green, and another it’s blue;  no pink.  They are intent on keeping them as original as possible.

pendant lighting for a pink bathroom vintage bathroom exhaust fanThere are a lot of mid-century homes here; I’m sure there are many more hidden gems.  We’ll keep our eyes out and camera batteries charged for open houses.

Thank you, Paul, for these wonderful photos — and for your defense o’ the pink. You know Sarasota is one of my favorite places, DH and I are on the lookout (when the time is right) for a little vacation bungalow there…

As Paul mentions, you can’t find pink and metallic gold mosaic ceramic tile just anywhere — but I know where. Come back at noon when I reveal my source.

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  1. Jasmine Sartain says:

    Where is the source you were going to mention?
    I have gold brush and white mosaics I am desperately looking for.
    Jasmine Sartain

  2. Heidi E. says:

    I’ve never been fond of pink as a color( synaesthesia plus too much being told girls “have” to like it), but no way would I change that tile out! So much skilled detail!

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