Bathroom floor tile in production since the 1970s — 6 colors — and you can order from Home Depot

This tile has been in production since at least the 1970s,
in same Indonesia factory


The quest for pink tile for my retro modern master bathroom remodel hasn’t been easy — but recently I stumbled upon the University tile line from Merola Tile Company. The line has six color variations in all. The four shown above are my favorites — and yes — one of them is pink.


John Merola from Merola Tile Somerset/SomerTile — who happens to be a fan of Retro Renovation — was kind enough to send me samples of the University tile series and provide some additional information on the line:

I’ve been in the tile business for around 25 years. I started as a stock boy at a tile store in Brooklyn, New York, and I am very familiar with many of the tiles that your team blogs about, which is one of the main reasons we are offering so many older style designs. The University Tile was called the “KOM Random” in the 70’s and 80’s.. And our product is from the same factory in Indonesia that was making the product back then.

Knowing that little tidbit of information makes it clear — this isn’t just “retro” tile — it’s the real deal if you want to remodel your bathroom in authentic vintage style.


I want pink tile for my bathroom floor and walls, and I wanted to see the University random mosaic pink to consider for the floor. Now that it’s in my hands, I can see: The 1″x2″ pieces a light pastel pink… the darker, 1″ x 1″ pieces are pinky beige, and white… the splotches on the largest pieces, the 2″ x 2″s, are rosy Mamie pink. I think this is going to work! Not only are these tiles a nice shade of pink — they are just the right shade of pink. That’s a 4×4 pink tile from B&W Tile Company next to my sample of the floor tile. The splotches on the larger tiles are nearly the same exact shade of pink as the B&W tile — these two tiles would look fabulous in a bathroom together. In fact — when it comes to tile for my retro modern master bathroom remodel — we may have found a winning combination.


Another good to know detail — the glaze spatters make the tiles slightly bumpy — which helps with traction in wet areas like bathroom floors.  [Precautionary Pam interjects: Always check with the manufacturer to ensure a tile is specified for floor use; consult with a pro.] Another bonus — these tiles — and more information about their ratings and uses — are relatively affordable — $9.26/sq. ft. through Home Depot — and easily accessible through Home Depot’s website.

From the Home Depot website description:

The Merola University Pink 11-3/4 in. x 11-3/4 in. Porcelain Mosaic Floor & Wall Tile is reminiscent of traditional, multi-texture and multi-color porcelain mosaic floor tile. Featuring a mottled finish and muted color palette, these tiles recreate a classic look with the durability and versatility of a modern tile. Use this tile virtually anywhere, due to its frost resistance, high slip resistance, and PEI rating of 4.

Other colors of University Tile available


University Pink — my favorite of the available colors and a great choice to coordinate with B&W tile’s pink 4×4 wall tile.


University blue  — which coordinates with B&W Tile’s 20W blue color — another great choice for a retro bathroom remodel. We think there are a number of blue 4″ x 4″ wall tiles available, inexpensively — from Daltile, American Olean, and Home Depot’s special order brands — to coordinate with this tile.

The University Blue is currently only available on Overstock.com. (model number FKOUV418 on Overstock) It is the newest edition to the University collection and will be up on Home Depot and Somertile in the near future.


University Bone — this is a great floor tile option to pair with beige wall tile — like Pam’s beige tile bathroom.


University white — while not as jazzy as the other color options, this white tile still has a lot of textural charm and as an added bonus — coordinates well with nearly any color scheme.


University Beige — this color scheme, with its darker brown tiles — is appropriate for late 1960s to 1970s bathroom design. Note: The 2x2s look like the same rose beige as the beige set two photos up.


University light grey — another neutral color that would mix well with 1950s and 1960s pastel bathroom fixtures. Lots and lots of gray 4″ x 4″ tiles today in American Olean, Daltile and big box lineups, at very low prices.

Merola Tile’s University collection might be just what the doctor ordered for a retro bathroom remodel — the authentic vintage design and color ways, easy availability through Home Depot’s website and the reasonable price per square foot makes this a terrific choice to add to our list of tile choices.

Repeating the link (search Merola University if the following link breaks for some reason): Easily accessible through Home Depot’s website.

UPDATE: We found another retailer offering a very similar design, similar colors. See this story for info. Photo of their styles:

retro bathroom floor tile

See all of our research on bathroom tile here.

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  1. Donna says:

    I love all of these but am having a hard time finding coordinating wall tile. For the blue we have looked at spa, waterfall and aqua glow from Daltile, none good matches. B&W aqua and blue are a bit better but still off, and at $12 sq ft a stretch for us budget-wise. For the gray we’ve looked at Daltile ice gray and desert gray, both too earthy for this more aluminum-colored floor. B&W gray is the worst match. I agree that a light butter yellow would be nice with the gray, but can’t find it — B&W yellow is too bright and Daltile Moonbeam still a bit saturated to compliment this gray. I’ve looked for Olympia tile but nobody near me carries it and I can’t get samples. I’d love to hear any success stories or tips for what would coordinate. We may just have to use white tile but I was hoping to have more fun.

  2. Amanda says:

    Does anyone know when this tile began being used in bathrooms? We’re renovating a bathroom that was part of an addition built in 1940. The previous owner put in a new vanity, toilet, and floor in the 1990s, but the shower is original (and we are keeping it). The shower has black and white salt and pepper tile, which we found at B&W, so we’re going to do a tile countertop with the salt and pepper and the B&W 20W blue liner. For the floor, we were going to do white matte hex tile, but I feel like the university blue might be a better match for the era of the bathroom. Or was that flooring more something that started in the 1950s?

  3. rocketx2 says:

    I ordered a box of the white version of this tile from Home Depot and LOVE it but here’s the problem. This tile is off white (kind of grey-white) and doesn’t match regular off the shelf white tile; I’ve tried.

    I need an off-white tile that coordinates any ideas??

  4. Seekingsun54 says:

    Does anyone have a road tested update on this tile? I have a sample case ordered and always love to hear reviews on how it has performed (ease of cleaning, install, etc.). Thank you!

  5. Vintage Tikitacky says:

    I think it is no longer available. I tried searching Home Depot for it using your links and it says the product is no longer available. Just in time for me to order it. Figures.

  6. Faith says:

    We have the University Pink in our 2015 bathroom, and I absolutely LOVE it. I used a medium-gray grout (to match the cove-base and bull-nose trim wall tiles). The field tile is a light gray. The walls are Sherwin Williams Oleander, a gorgeous coral-pink. (The original 1955 bathroom in the house informed the design of this new bathroom.)

    I ordered a box of each color of the “University” tile that I *thought* I was interested in: the gray, the white, and the bone.

    Once I received them, I discovered that none of them looked right for me, so I just returned them to Home Depot. (The gray looked too blue; the white and the bone didn’t work, either.)

    My sister finally told me, “You’ve always wanted a pink bathroom; try the pink!” (I had been hesitant because I couldn’t find a pink wall tile.)

    WELL, I found a shower curtain that became my inspiration and then went with the grays for the wall/trim and this PINK tile for the floor. (Matching the medium-gray floor grout to the trim tile was the key, I believe.)

    The pink tile is almost like a neutral in this setting. It totally ‘makes’ the room without being ‘over-the-top.’ Plus, the combination of the speckled pinks is so forgiving to have on the floor–it always looks clean!

    I wish that I could post a picture here.

  7. Maggy Kilpatrick says:

    We are renovating a lakehouse (airBnB) in coastal Taranaki, NZ in a mid century style and I have my heart set on these pink Merola tiles for the bathroom floor. Am very appreciative of all the inspiration on this website. I now need to figure out the best way to get the tiles shipped over.

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