Ikea Stolmen systems — cheap and cheerful modern versions of Cado wall units


Sometimes you just need a “cheap and cheerful” storage solution. If you like the idea behind vintage Cado wall unit systems, but want something more accessible and in a flower power bright white, the Ikea STOLMEN wall unit series seems like a pretty nifty design. In particular, we like the fact that this modular, movable storage system does not appear to need to be screwed into the back wall — maybe a great solution if you are a renter, or in a dorm room? The poles are height adjustable from 82 5/8-129 7/8″.

Ikea-Stolmen-shelf-onlyIkea has a whole collection of STOLMEN parts — all of which are among a minority of Ikea products that can be ordered online and shipped to your door. These are officially considered “wardrobe” units, but I could also see this system being useful as a display unit in a living or dining room as well as creating modular, movable storage in an office environment.


Ikea-Stolmen-corner-shelfIt appears these units not only are adjustable a multitude of ceiling heights, but can also easily be used in corners — such as the wardrobe example above. This could be a very effective configuration to use in small rooms, where a whole wall cannot be sacrificed to a wall unit. The STOLMEN series can also be wall mounted — which comes in handy for rooms with sloped ceilings.

Ikea-Stolmen-single-shelfWhen designing a room with the STOLMEN collection, putting the stark white wall unit on a brightly colored wall could quickly make a high contrast, eye-catching modern display. In contrast — placing these on a white or light colored wall would create a more low key, minimalist modern display area. The versatility of the STOLMEN collection — along with the affordable price point and wide availability — make the collection a great option for those mid century modern enthusiasts who need attractive and appropriate storage on a budget.

  1. lexavline says:

    These kind of remind me of the Elfa system from The Container Store. Love the wood-tones they offer with either white or aluminum support posts. Very mid-century-modest appropriate in my opinion, but alas, a bit spendier, although not unreasonable. For the price, IKEA scores again 🙂

  2. gsciencechick says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this. We were considering the Billy bookcases for the home office, but this system may work better for us in a smaller room.

  3. Hanna Harlow says:

    These would be perfect in my little boys bright aqua room.
    I just wish it came in wood tones as well.

  4. Robin, NV says:

    I like the idea of putting it against a brightly colored wall like this year’s color – green. It would make a great TV/book/storage unit in a guest room/den.

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