vintage pomona tile fishI do so love a pretty fish. A pretty, 1957 mid century modern fish. A pretty, Pomona Tile, 1957 mid century modern fish. A pretty, Pomona Tile, 1957 mid century modern fish four-tile set. Yes! A four-tile set —>

pomona tile fish

The listing says:

1957 Pomona Tiles with Fish By Millard Sheets in its “Distinguished Designer Series” . Each tile is about 6 by 4 1/4 a total of 12 by 8 1/2.

Now, I need to go find out about Millard Sheets and the Distinguished Designer Series. Meanwhile, this listing end around 8 p.m. Eastern on Thursday so’s I better get this story out. Thanks to seller southcl for the permission!


  1. Lawrence Merkle says:

    Hi, after never leaving a comment this my third in less than a day, I Goggled Pomona Tile looking for some pictures and saw the Tiles I bought, I guess I missed this post. The tiles are great and I have been collecting examples from the other designers in the group when I can find them. All togrther they are what I think of as “A Moment In Time’ of great design available to everyone. Lawrence

  2. Jill says:

    I too am a big fan of Millard Sheets…We have a lovely Home Savings building designed by him in Burbank…(it’s now a Chase…and I am so glad when Chase took over they kept the integrity of the design)

    1. Sarah g (roundhouse) says:

      Similar but not quite… The barnacles in the bathroom had more of that ‘im in elementary school and learning how to draw a spider web’ look. If that makes sense

  3. Ann says:

    Oh, Pam, I could tell you tons about Millard Sheets. He was part of a number of the Pacific Standard Time exhibits last year and was a HUGE influence on the pre- but mostly post-war art scene in So Cal. Remember the mosaics on all the Home Savings branch buildings? That’s him, among other things. While I don’t claim to be an expert, I learned a bunch about him and his work last year. I think you will be amazed.

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