Trip to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore — Midwest Edition

avocado-laminate-counter-with-sinkMaking a trip to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore is something I try to do on a regular basis — you just never know what you might find. Being constantly on the look out for parts for my 1962 ranch — especially for my upcoming master bathroom remodel — the Restore is a good place to frequent. On this trip, there wasn’t anything for my bathroom remodel — but there were several photo-worthy pieces to share with the Retro Renovation community.

faucet-on-avocado-laminate-counterThis avocado laminate countertop and sink combo would be perfect for a late 60s or 70s bathroom. The faucet — with its teardrop/starburst design — was ubiquitous! In fact, the ReStore had a whole pile of these exact faucets for sale. I wonder if they were removed from an office building?

stainless-sink-with-drainboard-cornerSince we recently covered five ideas for stainless steel counter tops and drainboard sinks — this corner stainless steel sink/drainboard combination caught my eye. It might have been from a restaurant, but in the right kitchen, this could be a showpiece — and amazingly functional.

stainless-steel-sink-largeImagine my surprise when turning the corner and seeing yet another stainless steel drainboard sink combination. This particular sink was huge — nearly as tall as me (I’m 5′ 5″) — and must have been used in a kitchen island, maybe in a commercial installation. Note, it’s very similar to the wonderful oddity sink that was used in the Corbett House, except this ReStore version also has drainboards, super special.

chrome-soap-holders-retroThese chrome soap holders with plastic soap dish have been at the ReStore for the last five months or so. I’m surprised that they haven’t moved faster. New Old Stock — galore!

soap-holder-chromeShould I bring one home for my master bath remodel?

Azrock-linoleumThere weren’t many interesting tiles during this trip — however I did find a stash of Azrock vinyl tiles.

Azrock-linoleumThey were a light beige and would be perfect for a retro kitchen remodel, as long as you could get enough quantity.

mid-century-light-fixtureDown the lighting isle I went — to find a few more treasures — like these three mid century pendant lights. If only I had a split level house with a spot for these lights. I couldn’t tell if they were $10 each or $10 for the set — either way, what a steal.

vintage-pull-down-lightDown the next isle was this charming pull down kitchen light. I think the old owner must have painted it white, aqua and purple.

matching-vintage-lampsThere was also a matching flush light — with a matching paint job.

starburst-light-retroMy last find in the lighting department was this cute ceiling light with starbursts etched into the glass — again, a style that was ubiquitous back in the day. This light would be perfect for a small entryway.

retro-wood-chairsNext was the furniture section — one of my favorite parts of our local ReStore. I first came across a whole stack of these mid century wood and leather chairs. They were likely used in an office setting — but could be great dining chairs.

cosco-step-stool-retroThis cute little metal Cosco step stool cried out for a good cleaning and a new home — but I couldn’t think of a place to put it at my retro ranch — so I left it for the next shopper.

end-table-record-stand-retroAnother adorable find — this record stand — which could easily be used as an end table or bedroom nightstand. I really liked the door pulls too.

mid-century-end-tableThis end table would look right at home at my house — it just needs a good cleaning.

mid-century-end-table-with-flowered-drawerpaperWhen peeking into the drawer — another surprise — it was lined with flower power drawer paper. What a steal for only $15.

steelcase-office-chairThe only purchase of the day was a 1987 Steelcase office chair — mine for a mere $10. It is quite comfortable — though I don’t think it is adjustable and wish it were a few inches higher — even with that small caveat, its an upgrade in comfort and style from my previous office chair. Even when I come home empty handed or not with what I intended to buy, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore is never a disappointment.

What have you found at the ReStore lately?

  1. John K says:

    What is the street address and city of this store? I am going to be in the midwest for a couple of days in the spring and I would like to visit this store.

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