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If the winter blahs have been getting you down lately, why not inject some spring into your space with a cute and colorful glass lamp — or even better, a matching pair? This new Color Plus Lighting Collection from Lamps Plus icon(affiliate link) — a freshly picked tip from reader Saundra — is sure to brighten your day in more ways than one. Available in a plethora of pretty colors — 75 by my count — these glass table lamps match paint colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore and chips from the Pantone color system.

glass table lampsThe description for this collection states:

What’s your color? Match it, complement it, or creatively clash with it using custom table lamps from the Color Plus Lighting Collection, available exclusively from Lamps Plus. Featuring more than 60 color options matched to some of today’s most popular designer colors, this collection offers colored glass table lamps and floor lamps for every palette under the sun. Each design is handmade to order and available with a variety of fabric and color coordinating Giclee lamp shades. Simply choose your color, base and shade combination. Whether it’s for an electric pink child’s bedroom or a cool blue living room, lamp shopping has never been so fun…or full of color.

Cost: We’ll call these affordable* — but with an asterisk.   Depending on your lamp budget, $149 for a table lamp with a fancy shade (lamps with white shades look to be only $99) may not seem that “affordable”. Sure, you could go to Target, TJ Maxx, the thrift store or yard sale and get a lamp for much less money. (In particular, we think that Target is a good place to watch for inexpensive glass table lamps in mod shapes and colors.)  But, what if you are looking for a very specific shade? Moreover, what if you wanted a matched set? In this respect, $99-$149 per lamp could save you tons of legwork looking for that exact shade and could be worth the final cost — it is all in the eye and wallet of the beholder. Even if these colorful lamps are a tad bit out of your price range at the current “full retail” price, keep your eyes open for a sale — which could bump them down into budget range.

Glass table lamps in 4 shapes, 75 colors — and you can build your own online

Using a close equivalent to Retro Renovation’s 2013’s color of the year — Broyhill Premier Chapter one Lime Green — I played around with my options. Simply by clicking on one of the color swatches, I was instantly transported to a page of available options for that color — how fun.

glass table lamps green

The green color I chose — Pantone 376C — had four lamp base options (two floor lamps and two table lamps) all with several choices for coordinating color shades or neutral options like black and white.

modern table lamp

Above: Apothecary style lamp with coordinating striped shade.

modern floor lamp

Above: a tall and skinny floor lamp with coordinating green shade. Yes — a floor lamp, 60″ high.

floor lampAbove: And lookie this floor lamp — like the one above, it also is 60″ high.


The most classic and my personal favorite of the available lamp silhouettes is the Ovo table lamp. The shape of this lamp combined with the wide range of color and choice of plain or patterned shades could be personalized to fit in to a modern, mid century, traditional, country or any style of home decor — which is why it is so much fun to play around and design different lamps. I’m not even looking for a new table lamp — but I had such fun playing with the different available options anyway.color-plus-green-Ovo-lamp-green-patterned-shade

In the end, if I had to choose a matchy-matchy table lamp to sit on a Broyhill Premier Chapter One buffet or dresser from the Color+Lighting Collection, the above combination would be my winner. The classic shape of the lamp, combined with that acid green and a funky printed shade is totally groovy in my book. So whether you’re looking for a colorful new lamp for your home or not — why not think spring and spend some time playing designer with the happy hues of the Color+Lighting Collection.

Again, where to go look: Color Plus Lighting Collection from Lamps Plus (affiliate link)

Readers — which happy color is tickling your fancy today?

  1. Judy H. says:

    I love the Benjamin Moore green. However, I was a little surprised to see the $$$ number on the colored lamp and coordinating shade. I think I’ll hunt down some vintage lamps in a flea market, spray them enamel green,buy a shade at Target and cover it myself. Not as convenient as buying it ready made, but certainly less than half the cost and I can still have my choice of colors.

  2. Lauryn says:

    It looks likes they are made in the U.S. (“handcrafted by our artisans on California”) which helps justify the higher price tag. I’m fairly certain most of the lamps from Target are not American made. The colors are lovely and a perfect antidote to this cloudy February day!!

  3. I actually stumbled upon this collection already and ordered (and since received) one for my nursery! It’s absolutely fabulous and I’m nothing but please. I got the SW color “Daredevil” with the apothecary base and the chevron shade. $150 isn’t cheap, but I was pleased with this splurge and I love the fact that the lamp is a dead match for my nursery linens.

  4. Janice says:

    Pam, this isn’t on the topic of lamps, but I had to share that in a recent edition of my newspaper “The Wichita Eagle”, there was a whole article on the historical importance of respecting mid-century homes and not destroying them as new owners buy them. It was a great article made even greater when they mentioned pink bathrooms specifically and mentioned there’s even a website dedicated to it – http://www.savethepinkbathrooms.com

    Thought you might like to know that you are impacting those who didn’t know how important pink bathrooms were in Wichita, Kansas. Of couse, I already knew and built my very own!

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