Sophisticated flower power decor in this Palm Desert 1967 time capsule house

palm desert flower power houseOur 2013 Retro Renovation Color of the Year is Drexel Premier Chapter One Flower Power Rich Lime Green… so heck to the yeah, it was good to hear from reader Rebecca, who recently captured many fantabulous photos of a 1967 time capsule home on a home tour in Palm Desert, California. This house is absolutely dreamy — Lookie that little daffodil lamp in the bathroom — bulbs in the bulbs! And wait until you see the television set.

This lovely home was designer-decorated in the early 1970s — all matchy matchy confection perfection. This collage that Kate made, from some of the photos on Rebecca’s blog Mid-Century Modern Remodel [<–go see ’em] only hints at the loveliness in this space.

When Rebecca emailed me, she wrote:

Hello Pam,

I thought you would get a kick out of this time capsule home I stumbled across in the desert @ Palm Springs Modernism Week. It wasn’t advertised at all and kind of tacked on to a “Designer Home Showcase” tour of newly decorated homes.  That green is my favorite color too. I literally gasped when I stepped inside. The second bathroom foil wallpaper reminded me of your office patchwork. Even the colors!

Happy Friday!!!!!

Thank you, Rebecca, for thinking to share your luscious discovery here — and thank you, for giving us permission to use some of your photos to make an enticing collage. Readers — head over to Rebecca’s blog to see all the photos. And may the luck o’ the Irish be with you.

  1. Donna Raagas says:

    This is so fun! A year ago we purchased a house built in 1970. Because it was built before the style explosion that everyone recalls as “The 70’s”, we are renovating “in the spirit of 1968”. I get so much inspiration from this website. Keep the ideas coming!

  2. RetroSandie says:

    What an exciting home! The white and green looks as fresh today as it was in the 70’s! I am astounded to see that everything that originally came into house is still is tip top shape! Right down to the towels and tissue box!!! I’m wowed!!!!! 🙂

  3. Jocelyn W. says:

    My favorite colors are lime green/chartreuse/olive. The decor here is making me you-know-what with envy. I would steal both of the bathrooms’ wallpaper in a heartbeat if I could.

  4. This is definitely someone’s happy place. Thank you so much, Rebecca, for sharing its delights with us and tipping off Pam so she could share it with RetroRenovators, too. This just might be the sweetest and bounciest home I’ve ever seen!

  5. Annie B. says:

    Let the sunshine in! Deliriously d’lovely. These rooms looks as if they’d been pulled from the pages of 70’s Architecural Digests.

  6. Lauryn says:

    Wow, nothing says Happy Spring like that home … such a cheerful place! Thank you for sharing, Rebecca, Pam, and Kate!

  7. Teresa says:

    Good design stands the test of time.

    What a lovely property.

    The condition is so incredibly pristine I’m thinking this must have been a vacation home.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. tammyCA says:

    Just viewed all the photos on Rebecca’s blog and oh, my I love this condo so much! It makes me feel happy, light and Springy…and it is oh so California livin’. It looks so immaculate and well preserved…true time capsule. And, how cool that the actual decorator was still around to add to it. I could just stare out that sliding door at that picture perfect mountain view all day. I’m sure I’ll keep going back over to her blog and stare at the photos again and again. 🙂

  9. Hautie says:

    I love seeing these homes that have not been torn apart and “updated”. I just can not resist the charm of the bright colors used during this time period.

    In a recent email from Zillow they linked to another great mid century home that still had all its charm. That is also for sell!


    Thank goodness for all that acreage that comes with it. Because that house does not appear to have been design, to utilize a set of blinds. 🙂

  10. Erin says:

    For the 1st 21 years of my life my folks took my brother and I and headed off to Palm Springs several times a year, renting various decorated condos for a long weekend. It was always a thrill. The California kings covered in bright orange poppy bed spreads, the white wicker glass topped dining tables, the foil wallpaper with Grecian men “frolicking”.

    The pictures of this immaculately kept and virtually untouched home took me right back. I can smell the chlorine from the pool, see the men out golfing at day break (before it got as hot as Hades) and hear the AC’s constant hum.

    Bless all that home’s owners for not messing with perfection. A prime example of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  11. oh Holland says:

    If I dress in my jammies with lime green flowers on them, do you think I’d get away with remaining invisible while I stow away in this fantastic pad?

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