1958 Victor mid century mobile home with time capsule interior

vintage-moble-homeTour-a-Time-CapsuleWe’ve featured a lot of mid century homes here on the blog — but this might be a first — Facebook follower Elise spotted this 1958 Victor mid century era mobile home for sale in Wichita, Kansas. If the snazzy chrome and aqua accents on the outside don’t get you excited, wait until you see some of the retro detailing on the inside.

starburst-clockThe home’s interior is outfitted with some cool retro built in shelving, wood kitchen cabinets and paneled ceiling, a trio of mid century pendant lights and a cool starburst clock.

retro-mobile-home-insideLooks like there are some original pinch pleat drapes covering the windows in there too.


From the listing on Craigslist:

This is a vintage 1958 Victor mobile home in Uptown Park, Nickerson. The home has been incredibly maintained and has very little damage. The exterior has been repainted to factory colors, the interior has many of the original appliances and features still in great condition. The home is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath, with a smaller area that can be used as a second sleeping area. It is a unique and vintage home that is still very liveable and it’s in a cozy and affordable park with only $120 lot rent. Financing is available on this home.

retro-moblie-homeThis mobile home is proof that mid century style isn’t limited to homes with brick and mortar foundations. A huge thanks goes out to Craigslist seller Eric for allowing us to share his photos here on the blog and to Facebook follower Elise for spotting this mid century marvel.

  1. Chuck says:

    I have a sudden urge to buy this, move it to Paradise Cove, purchase a gold 1976 Pontiac Firebird and some wide lapel jackets and start solving mysteries.

    1. Kate...not Pam's Kate says:

      Chuck, mind if I come along to be your wacky sidekick? I could wear fly polyester jumpsuits, cut my hair into a Dorothy Hamill wedge, and go undercover when needed since I will have a large collection of wigs and disguises in my closet as I was a failed Broadway theater actress that hitchhiked to Paradise Cove in search of my long lost love.

  2. michael Posey says:

    Victor Mobile Homes were made in Bonham Texas my aunt purchased one In shreveport la in 1959 or 60 it was so cool and well built totally Danish modern funiture included and Aqua appliances outside it was beige and Aqua It really was a nice home. very high quality construction!

  3. MCMeg says:

    In the early 60’s my family had a mobile home like this as a vacation home at the Jersey Shore. I was young (4-8) and all I remember is blond wood, starburst and gold-flecked white laminate, a starburst clock, atomic light fixtures and original furniture. Cool built-in’s including a hamper that pulled out under the sink and built-in vanities and closets in the bedroom. I loved it and would love to have one again. It was a great vacation home.

  4. JKM says:

    In the late 1960’s, one of my grandmother’s widowed sisters moved from her home of 40 years into a mobile home in a tidy little park full of other elderly people. She had two little bedrooms and a bath and, although I was just a child, I remember being fascinated at how compact and within arm’s reach things were compared to our “regular” house. I loved it! There was also a little yard with a little arched bridge spanning a little drainage channel running along the little street. As an adult, I’ve often wondered about “freeing” myself of bricks and mortar by moving into something compact, fun, cute and carefreee. Thanks for the wonderful posting!

  5. Jen says:

    Wow, those shelves are killer! I appreciate the fact that it was repainted to factory colours, too—clearly the owner ‘gets it’ (and the colours are snappy anyhow, why not?). Fun find!

  6. Justin says:

    from 2005 to 2007 I owned a 1963 Vindale mobile home trialer. It was in its original spot when I purchased it. It has since been moved to another park about a mile away(after I moved out). The inside was original paneling and curtains. The bedroom had the original carpet. I wish I would have kept the original pink Magic Cheff stove, but I left it with the trailer. I do miss that place. It was my first place of my own. Shortly after I purchased it, I had to go underneath it, and I found an original set of tv trays(60’s). I kept them and still have them.

  7. Erin in Ohio says:

    I am smiling ear-to-ear. I had a very happy childhood in a trailer, even during a time when there was definitely a stigma attached, so I will forever be fond of them. I’m elated to have two of my great loves collide in this post…mid century style + trailer = dreamy!

    I would LOVE to see more info on vacation spots for mid-century fans. I know about tin can tourism, which I think is awesome in theory. However, the truth is — I am not a “happy camper”; so I’d like to know more about destinations/towns with a retro vibe, time capsule vacation rentals, mid-century motels/hotels, etc.

    I would love to see a collective list of vacation suggestions from RetroRenovation readers. I see a few above that I will certainly check out.

  8. Rebecca Prichard says:

    My heart is actually beating faster after looking at this. Wow. I am misty-eyed.

  9. tikitacky says:

    What an amazing coincidence! About an hour ago I was going to post a suggestion/request to your FB page that you do one of your photo series on time-capsule houseboats, mobile homes, and trailers. Wow. Really weird coincidence.

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