Gorgeous products from iconic designers at Fab — our first sponsored post!

iconic mid century designers at fabHeck to the yeah, I’m very excited to be able to feature my first-ever sponsored post here on the blog. I am super duper picky about doing such things, and on two previous occasions, when approached by companies wanting to pay me to promote their product with a stand-alone story, I ended up saying “no”, it was not a good fit. But when Fab approached me and we talked, I ended up saying ‘yes’ — because I like this company. Thank you, Fab!!!
Fab is a “marketplace for everyday design” all about: modern, colorful, quirky design. That means the retro, in many cases, and you know I love the colorful and quirky. For this story Fab asked me to go window shopping and spotlight up to 10 products that I thought would appeal to readers of Retro Renovation. Since I usually love the original real deal designers the very best, that’s who I decided to focus on: Gorgeous products properly licensed from nine iconic designers available via Fab, plus a little something silly thrown in for good measure. Click on through for more about the lovely designs currently available on Fab from Zeisel, Nelson, Panton, Girard and more of our best buds from the past –>

  1. Vitra always has wonderful licensed products to ogle and collect — like this Alexander Girard Mother and Child tray. A great gift? Yes, I think so!
  2. The Panton Chair, be still my heart. Like the other chairs I am spotlighting today, this chair is a technology story — and a drop dead gorgeous one at that: “Due to advances is plastic technology, Vernor Panton’s legendary Panton Chair has endured oodles of production phases since it was first introduced in the ’60s. The most recent version, produced in 1999, is made of injection-molded plastic, making the seat recyclable and more affordable—a fundamental objective of Panton’s initial design.”
  3. I love coffee, yes, I do, so of course I love a retro vintage coffee maker like this one from the always chic Alessi. Coffee story: “Inspired by Futurism and Art Deco, the Moka Alessi is designer Alessandro Mendini’s tribute to his maternal grandfather Alfonso Bialetti, who was the inventor and first manufacturer of the espresso maker’s predecessor in the 1930s.”
  4. I always watch for Eva Zeisel on Fab.
  5. If you love Philippe Starcke’s Ghost Chair (I do), but want a less expensive style, how about Mario Bellini’s transparent Arco Chair, now half price at $125. Bellini’s cred, per Fab:  “Since the 1960s, Mario Bellini has been celebrated for his distinctive contributions to architecture, master planning, interiors, furnishings, and industrial design. He once said that designing a chair is ‘infinitely more complex than designing a skyscraper.’”
  6. Who doesn’t covet George Nelson clocks and bubble lamps. You can find authentic licensed reproductions on Fab. Today, I’m digging this Elihu The Elephant Clock, which “typifies the joie de vivre of the mid-century era.”
  7. I decided to spotlight Philippe Starcke’s Mr. Impossible Chair to make the point that it’s usually technology that is the catalyst for amazing new designs. Indeed, the reason for the drama in this chair’s design, in particular, is laser welding. Fab explains: “Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quilet’s aptly named Mr Impossible Chair is a feat of organic elegance and technological innovation. Wanting to fuse the two polycarbonate shells without using adhesive, the designers turned to laser-welding which gives the sleek seat a distinctive three-dimensional look. With its transparent legs and circular hollow core, the snug and comfy chair seems to hover above the ground.” In addition, I think that even getting that plastic so clear and strong was how we ended up with the Ghost Chair series to begin with.
  8. I love great design of all eras, and this 1985 tea kettle by Michael Graves is already a recognized classic: “This Michael Graves Kettle was first introduced by Alessi in 1985; since then, it’s developed an impressive list of appearances in Hollywood films. Its film credits are a fitting honor: Graves worked tirelessly to develop a product that would symbolize the meeting of great design and mass production, while imbuing it with Art Deco and Pop Art influences. The bird-shaped whistle at its tip sings when the water boils—a happy surprise from a classic design.”
  9. Yes, it’s hot outside. Keep the dogs cool with Brazilian footwear with 1960s roots: “Here’s a flop you’ll flip for. Brazilian brand Havaianas has been outfitting beachy feet since 1962.
  10. Hot indeed. Will this summer heat never let up? Until it does, I’m all for dropping a few Chill Pills into my TGIF G&T.

Thanks again to Fab for the opportunity to spotlight some of their products, which helps support the blog. If you like what you see, sign up for a free Fab account to browse their ever-changing inventory of newest design sales.

  1. Congrats on your first Sponsored Post! I know how difficult it is to suss out these things as not to negatively impact the reputation of your site, and I know how hard you work to maintain the high integrity of Retro Renovation. You’re an inspiration!

    I’m a big fan of Fab as well – but I often have to restrain myself before I fill The Hacienda with their swell finds.

    You’ve picked out some good things here, Pam – I’m gonna take a closer look and maybe even make a purchase. Thanks for bringing these to our attention!

    Mod Betty

  2. Shelly in PHX says:

    Such delicious lovelies! I was a little bummed that Fab won’t let you even browse their site without logging in first, though. Congrats to you, Pam, on the milestone!

  3. jeanne says:

    Ditto what Mod Betty said and acknowledging the fact that you maintain high integrity here at RR, Pam. I can always count on quality content when I visit. 🙂

    I love drooling over items on Fab and putting them on my mental wish list. I have personally owned the Michael Graves tea kettle for probably 20 years. I see it used in magazine photo shoots all the time! It’s definitely a design icon. I have the matching sugar/creamer as well.

  4. Robin, NV says:

    I love the elephant clock!

    I miss the “beachcomber” flip flops of the 80s – the ones with the soft nylon straps and the multicolored foam soles. I’ve been searching in vain for them for years. I saw some in Chinatown in San Francisco a few years ago but they only had kid’s sizes. Maybe now that the youngsters are into 80s fashion, they’ll come back.

  5. Andi says:

    Great stuff! Wish I’d seen the Moka espresso pot a week ago as I just ordered a replacement for my Bialetti Moka espresso pot after it was left on the burner too long and then dropped (the handle did not like being almost-melted, and then dropped!)
    This curvy pot from Fab is really cool. I didn’t look around the Fab website because I didn’t want register with my email address (I get WAY too many emails as it is), but the things are really “fab.”
    Congratulations on the sponsored post!!

  6. gsciencechick says:

    I am definitely a fan of Fab! I have purchased several items through them and have been very happy. For those of you with pets, I think Thursdays are the days they send out really cool pet products. We got a wavy cat perch that is very modern and artistic looking to go with our LR furniture. We have the smaller wavy cat perch in the guest BR.

    Happy Fabbing, everyone!

  7. Kyle says:

    I’d rather have the option to look at product without signing up for an e-mail list. Perhaps I just can’t see how to close the request but I’d like to read about the products first. Thanks

  8. cheryl says:

    I don’t normally do sites that make me log in to even browse. Can you ask the folks at Fab to maybe make an exception for those who click through from your site? Thanks!

  9. Nina462 says:

    I did buy the Chill Pill ice cube forms, last year for a $1 marked down at my local JCPenney. They made a great birthday present.

  10. Fab has great products. I love getting their emails. They have so much, I spend a lot of time clicking on one product to another and another for a long time. They have a lot of neat pieces of vintage furniture and one of a kind items like you’d see on etsy. They have really neat stuff for pets to let all of you animal lovers know.

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