Thousands of rolls of NOS vintage wallpaper in Elkhart, Indiana – good prices

vintage wallpaper americana

Reviewing my ebay saved searches this week, I discovered a seemingly new source of vintage New Old Stock wallpaper — multiple rolls of the patterns featured, so far — good prices (=/- $25 per roll, shipping factored into my number crunch) — and Buy It Now, so you don’t need to dally. I received permission to show some photos… and there seems like there will be lots more designs coming out of hiding soon. Lisa — owner of this wallpaper store in Elkhart, Indiana — told me, she “decided to go through these old storage rooms that contain thousands of rolls of wallpaper.” Be still my heart. Lisa seems to be listing more rolls daily. To see all the papers, try this link.

vintage wallpaper muralHere’s what owner Lisa told me when I asked permission to feature photos of these delights:

We own a wallpaper store in Elkhart Indiana. Frank’s Wallpaper and I have decided to go through these old storage rooms that contain thousands of rolls of wallpaper. Some of them are good and some not so great. So keep checking we will be listing them all on eBay. I have recently closed my internet store but we are considering re-opening that also as wallpaper is making a come back.

Thank You

Above: I bought this paper for my mud room. As you will recall, I recently re-wallpaper my bathroom, which has encouraged me to wallpaper my mudroom. The Retro Decorating Gods delivered this delightful Americana-on-aqua just as I needed it!

vintage-wallpaper-avocadoAbove: YOWZA, I have lots of rolls of this exact paper, which I acquired locally some years ago. IT IS GORGEOUS.

vintage-wallpaper-orangeAnd YOWZA #2 — Lisa has it in smoky orange, too. YUM YUM YUM.


Above: PERFECT for a kid’s room!

vintage-wallpaper-hippieAbove: I desperately want to buy this paper in oodles of rolls — to use on a ceiling. To make a super gypsy Janis Joplin room. DESPERATELY.

Above: Yes, I can see rooms where these would work.

vintage-wallpaper-leavesAbove: Me like.


Above: Crazy geometrics.

vintage wallpaper mural

Above: The piec de resistance, or however you spell it: A 5′ by 4′ wallpaper mural. UPDATE: It was Buy-It-Now and it sold within minutes of my Facebook alert.

UPDATE: More loveliness added, I see. Lisa knows she’s getting some good publicity, I bet, and is working it!:

vintage wallpaper vintage-wallpaper-2-2 vintage-wallpaper-3-2vintage wallpaper
1970s-wallpaper-1 1970s-wallpaper-2 1970s-wallpaper-3 1970s-wallpaper-4 1970s-wallpaper-5 1970s-wallpaper-6 1970s-wallpaper-7

  1. gsciencechick says:

    Pam, I had the “Janis Joplin” wallpaper in my bedroom growing up! We had it on the angled walls in my “dormer” style room. The lower walls were orange. Totally groovy.

  2. Geronimom says:

    Thanks! Who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll have the wallpaper I’ve been trying to find a match for (or at least close to it!). For sentimentality’s sake, I would love to be able to replicate the retro atomic look wallpaper that was on the walls of the peachy-pink 1960 bathroom of my first home. I have photos of mom giving me some of my first baths – some 50 years ago – in that bathroom!. Coincidentally, we recently bought a ranch home built in 1960 – complete with a very similar peachy-pink bathroom, as well. Wouldn’t it would be fun to have the same style wallpaper in this – also peachy pink – bathroom, as well?!

  3. Dan says:

    I love wallpaper. Back in the day, my 89 year old mother was a prodigious wallpaper-er (and, by necessity, a pro at wallpaper removal as well). Back in the 70’s, we did our basement family room in the most amazing wallpaper: it was patterned after classic travel posters (Rome, London, Paris). Mom is now thinking of selling the house, and before she does, I have to get some pictures of that wallpaper……

    She also had amazing bathroom wallpaper – one was classic 50’s, with turquoise, gold, and silver fish outlines against a black background, and the other was a 70’s New Yorker Magazine cartoon-esque pattern of people bathing. Both are unfortunately long gone.

    But the “piece de resistance” was the kitchen soffit wallpaper: it was a late 40’s depiction of a medieval fair. It wrapped all around the small kitchen. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    1. gsciencechick says:

      My parents were also quite amazing with wallpaper hanging. They’d be 90 if they were still alive. Maybe it was just that generation?

  4. Heather Staas says:

    Ah, my living room is done in the blues and greens of that mural, and I have just the blank wall for it! too bad I missed it, it would have been PERFECT!

  5. sprayfaint says:

    I would LOVE to do one wall with the bamboo & flowers… but what to do with the other five rolls??

  6. Goodness me. It’s probably a good thing that the mountain mural is gone. I would have built myself a faux picture window and put that thing behind it.

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