Five new options for farmhouse kitchen drainboard sinks — including a design with 36 colors!

If you’re on the lookout for a drop-in drainboard sink for your vintage kitchen remodel, we’ve just spotted some new options for you to consider. The sinks come in a variety of configurations, materials and colors. With more and more options on the market today, there hasn’t been this kind of selection for decades.

drainboard-farmhouse-sinkUp until recently, Nelson’s has offered two models of drainboard, farmhouse style sinks, authentic reproductions of vintage originals now available in acrylic. We’ve just learned that they’ve since added two more models — both variations on their original offerings — bringing their total styles of reproduction drainboard sinks available up to four. The first new model — a variation on their 1940s drainboard sink — has double drainboards and a central sink and sells for $790 with free shipping.

drainboard-sinkNelson’s second new sink model is a midcentury style single bowl drainboard sink with integral backsplash — modeled from an original back in the day design. It sells for $695 with free shipping. Lovely!

drop in drainboard sink

The Karran drop-in double bowl drainboard sink is made of acrylic and retails for $366 on Amazon (*affiliate link), free shipping.  Available in white or bisque, this is an affordable drainboard sink option. However, it looks like this sink doesn’t have holes for the faucet, which means you will have to have a solid surface or tile countertop or install a wall-mounted faucet. (We don’t think that installing deck-mounted faucets into laminate is a a great idea, due to all the water that typically accumulates around the base of a faucet.)
drop in drainboard sink

Another new option is this Blanco sink (*affiliate link) lists for $933 plus shipping. While this model has the lovely drainboard — and appears to be made of a composite including hard rock granite — it is not what we’d describe as “retro” in style. Still, we’ll put it out there for you. This model is available in eight neutral colors — but also has the drawback of no faucet holes — limiting counter top options.

To see all our information about both new and vintage drainboard sinks — visit our Farmhouse drainboard sink page, which spotlights all the following sinks — and more!

  1. Marbeth says:

    I would love to see a deep large sink with sideboard drains for a garage that I could use to wash my dogs in!!

  2. Bridget Farrall says:

    These all are great on design, but very skimpy on depth. Any idea about anybody making deep, 2-bowl sinks with a retro look?

  3. Debbie says:

    While the sinks are BEAUTIFUL, please remember, they are acrylic…DO NOT put a hot pan in the sink as we are all accustomed to doing…a friend of mind purchased one and within two weeks of having it without thinking took a pot off the stove and put it in the sink…not good….she now has a decorative type privet over the burn spot….I think I will stick with the cast iron version myself…

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Ummm… I would not put a hot pan on anything except perhaps stainless steel without a hotpad underneath!

  4. Barbara says:

    The ‘Itty Bitty sink is exactly what I’m looking for for my bathroom. vintage style but not huge. We already have the cabinetry to set it, an old vintage cupboard w/storage and 6-8 inches around the sink for toothbrush holders etc.

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