The Kohler Delafield kitchen sink — cast iron, metal framed rim — my new #1 choice if you are buying new!

I don’t know if these were just recently introduced… or whether I missed them all this time…but these two sinks from Kohler are terrific, authentic choices for a 40s, 50s or 60s kitchen. Both sinks are cast iron. And of course — you MUST get the metal rim.

This selection now becomes my #1 choice for a kitchen sink, if you want white cast iron and don’t want to hunt down or wait for a vintage sink.

kitchen sink with metal rim hudee ring

The double-bowl Kohler Delafield is 32″ wide – and allows you to order up to 5 holes for your faucet, spray and other accoutrements.

hudee ring metal rim kitchen sink
The single-bowl Kohler Bakersfield is almost as wide. UPDATE Nov. 2010: DISCONTINUED.

Link: Kohler.com

Faucet choice

Elkay stainless steel sinks

Classic white sink/counter drainboard sinks:

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  1. Elaine says:

    Was told by my counter installer I would have to buy a new sink. No! Why would I want to replace a perfectly wonderful sink??!!!
    I found this post and ordered my huddee ring from Vance Industries.
    Life saver! I salvaged my vintage sink to live another day!

  2. David says:

    We just got a time capsule 1961 ranch and are replacing the double bowl kitchen sink. Though there are alot of options out there be it acrylic or metal we cannot find anything that is bright yellow or close to it. All the colors seem to be muted and we need something to go with the laminate. Kohler has one, Picadilly yellow, but at over 900$ it out of our budget. Corstone acrylic Sunlight is great but is a discontinued color. Craigslist and ebay have turned up nothing good. Our only option now is to get a nice cheap stainless and when the right one comes along, buy it. Any ideas? We live in Marietta, Ga.

  3. Michael Colter says:

    Delafield still available in 32×21 size (which is 1″ smaller in each dimension than modern ‘standard’ sizing), as of March 2013. I’m ordering on and the trim ring. Part K5950-4 for the sink, white, 4 hole model, metal ring is K6601. Price $303 + $57 from Lowes, who discounts 1/3 off mfg’s retail prices. So this will come in at just $61 over a modern Kohler cast iron 2 bowl of similar size.

  4. Jackie Dennis says:

    I am doing a retro renovation on a 1960’s cottage on a lake in NNY. We are beginning to work on the kitchen. I found a cast iron kitchen sink with drain board and apron (wall hung) made by Sanford. I found it at http://www.signaturehardware.com. Have you heard anything about this company? It’s a very small kitchen, so a larger sink with double drain board (which I actually have in my crawl space) is unfortunately too big. Would love your thoughts and opinion. Love your website!!

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