1959 reproduction Dishmaster sunburst faceplates — black and gold design now available

dishmaster kitchen faucet black faceplate

The second reproduction faceplate — made from original 1959 dies — for the Dishmaster M-76 is now available: It’s a second “Sunburst” design in black with gold detailing. Some of the detailing is embossed (raised metal, done with the die press). Snappy. This is the second in the series of reproductions made from the recently uncovered metal die pressing plates, which were lost in storage for decades. 

dishmaster kitchen faucet with black faceplate installed

There are black valve handles (faucet handles) coming into the Dishmaster lineup as an option, too. They are not available yet, though. I will post when they are.

As owner of the company Roger told me in the first story I did, about the first vintage faceplate — in gold — available:

Our face plate vendor was acquired. The new owners decided we did not fit their business profile and gave us the boot. When they bundled up our tooling to send to us, they discovered they had all the old tooling back to 1959!  We are presently prototyping the sunburst face plates in gold (pictured) and in black with gold accents. Along with that, we are working on both black and white covers and knobs. Unfortunately, I did not get a photo of the black face plate (the only one in existence in the whole wide world) on the black cover before it was sent off to the new vendor but it is an amazing look. You will be the first to know when we are ready to pull the trigger on all this. It will be the main feature of our 70th anniversary celebration.

dishmaster faucet with sprayer on the side and optional black faceplate

There are two variants on the Dishmaster M-76 design. One has the wand integral to the Dishmaster ‘box’, which hides the soap mixture that can be activated to flow to the wand.  The other design (above) has it in a hole on the deck of the sink, if you have a sink with that extra hole.

The quick little video above, from Dishmaster, shows how the Dishmaster works. Easy peasy. I quite love mine, and golly, it’s a conversation starter.

dishmaster with new gold faceplate installed
The Gold Starburst Imperial design, now made again from 1959 tooling.

And now, two vintage Sunburst faceplate designs! Another one, in white, is also coming soon!

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    There is something wrong with Dishmaster’s page. Not their main page, but the link they have when you click on the faceplates from the main page. All you get is a 404 not found. I’m sure they’ll get it fixed soon.

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