Two affordable retro kitchen sinks — $100 or less

bootz-retro-hudee-rim-kitchen-sinkYesterday we learned that Bootz Industries makes two models of porcelain on steel, retro style hudee rim bathroom sinks. Wouldn’t you know it — they make two styles of metal rim sinks for the kitchen, too — both a single and double bowl variety that can be easily and inexpensively ordered through HD Supply.

Reader Tappan Trailer Tami is tipped us off to the availability of these kitchen sinks. She writes:

bootz-retro-hudee-rim-kitchen-sinkBootz Garnet double bowl, 4 hole kitchen sink price through HD Supply $69.29. Note: this is for the 4 hole sink, guess you’d have to call HD to see if they can also get the 3, or 5 hole versions. Hudee ring for this sink through HD Supply $34.39. Total cost with ring $103.68. 

bootz-kitchen-sink-retroBootz Topaz single bowl kitchen sink through HD Supply $57.95, hudee ring for single bowl kitchen sink through HD Supply $28.85. Total cost with ring $86.80. Note: this is for the 4 hole sink, guess you’d have to call HD to see if they can also get the 3, or 5 hole versions.

Thank you, T3, you rock!

We believe that porcelain over steel is a period-correct choice for both bathroom and kitchen sinks. Pam says that in her 1951 house, the original Briggs tubs were enameled steel, and so were the hudee-rimmed bathroom sinks, she thinks. Here’s what Bootz Industries has to say about its kitchen sinks:

Dual Purpose Undermount or Self-Rimming Application

  • The extra space combined with classic styling makes kitchen chores a breeze.
  • Mounting rim not included.
  • To be used in an undermount or self-rimming installation.
  • Available in 4-hole faucet punch. 3 or 5-hole available upon request.

The Bootz Garnet double-bowl sink has a durable porcelain surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Porcelain on steel sinks have a non-porous glass surface that resists scratching, chemicals, heat and bacteria growth. Bootz kitchen sinks remain “timeless” in design and installation. Consumer preference continues to grow for “porcelain on steel” fixtures installed with ceramic tile.

  • Totally inorganic and environmentally friendly – nontoxic, mineral substance
  • Fade proof – colorfast (color is in it, not on it)
  • Sanitary – a nonporous surface that resists bacteria growth and cleans easily
  • Flame proof – will not burn
  • Abrasion resistant – will not scratch from wear and cleaning
  • Chemical resistant – resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Corrosion resistant – will not rust

Three manufacturers of metal-rimmed kitchen sinks:

This brings our total count of available hudee rim kitchen sink sources to three including:

  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Wow, great price! It is less deep than what I chose for my kitchen sink, but I’m thinking if I need to replace the double sink in my retro travel trailer (which is about the same dimensions), this would do nicely. It is affordable and only weighs about 25 pounds, which is much better than a cast iron sink for that application. I think the current one is a lightweight stainless, and when I looked into replacing it through a camper supply place, the sinks were way more expensive!

  2. Robin, NV says:

    I wish I’d known about this before I bought my Kohler Delafield sink – it would have been considerably cheaper. But then again, the Delafield is about 2 inches deeper.

  3. TappanTrailerTami says:

    While I realize these kitchen sinks have less depth compared to most modern sinks, a person could just tell themselves they have *truly* embraced their inner-retro by using a sink that is about the same depth as back in the day 🙂

    Kate mentions her Briggs bathtub as being porcelain on steel – Bootz Industries also makes quite a few very affordable porcelain on steel bathtubs, and in the harder to find 54″ long size as well as standard 60″.

  4. TerriLynn says:

    Is the porcelain on steel really that duable? No chipping or scratching? I am getting ready to do the kitchen and have been stressing over sink, faucet and backsplash. I will have white cabinets and white counter top, I think a white sink would look pretty neat!

  5. TappanTrailerTami says:

    TerriLynn – I currently have a porcelain on steel sink in my kitchen circa 1977 (harvest gold!). I do think you have to be careful, with either POS or cast iron, expecially with the sink divider area, crossing pots over to the other basin for rinsing. It seems like either version is mostly likely to chip at the divider area if knocked excessively hard (or just right) from hitting the divider with a pot. I currently have a chip right on top of the divider. With that said, if you are careful there is no reason these should not last years. And at this price point, you could actually buy two and stash one for later!

  6. TappanTrailerTami says:

    expecially? please. I wish this thing had an “edit” function! especially!

  7. TerriLynn says:

    Yes, I am worried about my cast iron skillet banging around in there. So this will go on my list of choices. Makes it affordable to get that dishmaster faucet!

  8. populuxe says:

    Our last house (1920’s) we updated the kitchen and used a SINGLE tub because if you use a dishwasher, why do you need a rinse tub? It worked out well and we never wished we had 2 tubs. Now our 1964 house is in the planning stage of a minor kitchen renewal–I think one of these sinks would be great and such a reasonable price.
    My parents had one in avocado; I helped them re-pipe and install a new sink after 45 years in use (it rusted out around one edge). Btw, they tiled all the kitchen counters and (diy) built in kitchen table with earth-tone green/gold 2″ squares when they built the house. It’s held up pretty well over the years and they never changed it. Somehow they manage to have an avocado fridge, trash compactor and stove all in good working order.

  9. Wendy in St. Louis says:

    At the price they’re charging, I’d be concerned about the quality, especially the finish. I’d want to see one in person, find out the gauge of the steel, test the sound deadening, and inspect the porcelain closely.

  10. Doug says:

    Price is great and the sink looks well designed as well. Definitely thinking of adding this to the kitchen. I hope the porcelain holds up ok.

  11. Mike says:

    Somebody please make a double basin/double drainboard kitchen sink that’s made of porcelain!

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