Five designs of metal rimmed kitchen sinks — howdy, hudee!

metal rim single bowl kitchen sinkSo exciting — the biggest discovery of the year, I am pretty sure, and it’s only February: Thanks to reader Sarah for prompting me to contact Ceco Sinks. This company manufacturers porcelain enamel on cast iron plumbing fixtures — and they offer FIVE designs of metal rimmed porcelain on cast iron kitchen sinks — in both single- and double-bowl styles.

This is big news for Retro Renovators who, previously, thought they were limited to Kohler’s single design selection. Above: Seaside single bowl, metal-rim kitchen sink – porcelain enamel on cast iron, from Ceco sinks. Continue reading to see the other four designs! 

Above: San Clemente metal-rim, double bowl kitchen sink.

retro kitchen sink metal ringAbove: Zuma high-lo hudee ring kitchen sink

Note: The three designs above — all with integral ledges with holes drilled to hold a faucet — are probably the best choices for Retro Renovator doing a period style kitchen from the 1950s on.

That said, if you have an earlier kitchen, putting a hudee rimmed porcelain sink under a wall-mount faucet also would be appropriate. Yay, Ceco also has some sinks to work in this configuration:

metal rim kitchen sink
Above: Little Corona — Several model numbers shown, check with Ceco to understand which to choose for your use.

hudee rim sinkAbove: The #732 (no name) can be installed with a hudee ring, the company told me.

hudee ring sinkAbove: And the #732 (no name) also can take a hudee.

Where to buy a Ceco sink:

Ceco Sinks does not sell directly to the public — they are a wholesaler. To order one of their sinks, try a local plumbing supply store (not a big box store, though) to see if they can order the sink for you. If you have any trouble, call the company, and they can direct you to the nearest regional distributor.

The company tells me their prices are competitive with — maybe even 10-15% less than –Kohler, as one example. However, depending on how close you are to a distributor, shipping charges may be required, which would affect the total price.

The sinks come in six neutral colors — white, biscuit, almond, bone, platinum (similar to Kohler’s ice grey) and black.

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  1. Michael Colter says:

    Might I add, in my case, an exact replacement size is called for as the opening is precisely awkward32x21, and that is with carving a bit of the sides out of the cabinet support. The standard opening in modern kitchen sinks is 33×22! In order to not reconfigure my cabinets, which would necessitate losing my red Moonglo Formica, and save a whole lot of money, I’ve decided to just replace with like kind. Nice to know that Hudee offers so many different styles still for the retro remodeler!

  2. Thomas W says:

    I just purchased a Ceco ‘Little Corona’ model #720 sink and found out that sizes A through E have been discontinued. On top of that, they are only producing white sinks, even though the literature says that they have several colors. I got mine in Biscuit, but was told it was the last one on the rack at the factory. The Hudee rings are available but sold separately, so make sure you ask for one.

    I suppose that some of the discontinued lines are still out there sitting on a local plumbing supply house shelf, but more and more supply houses are not carrying the stock locally. I was originally looking for a smaller size in a color other than white but failed. I settled for a larger size that I am going to shoe horn into my cabinets. I’m just happy I was able to get it in Biscuit.

  3. ingrid truman says:

    I just spoke to Ceco and he was telling me that the 751 has been discontinued for about 8 years now. He said the only one that can still be ordered with a ring are the two compartment ones. And he wasn’t able to help me with any stockists that still might carry some of the discontinued models.

  4. pam kueber says:

    ugh. I am pretty sure I checked this at the time I wrote it. They also have a new website (all the old links are not fixed) on which they have not yet put the metal-rimmed sinks (as far as I can tell).


  5. pam kueber says:

    Hi Denise, contact the company that makes the sinks — Ceco. They are hotlinked in this story in bright blue.

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