retro renovation in yankee magazineWoot! The September/October issue of Yankee Magazine features a six-page spread on guess who’s kitchen … and house … and most importantly, the Retro Renovation tribe. Yes, that is me you spy rockin’ the retro polka dots. 

yankee-coverFor those of you outside of New England, Yankee is the premier regional magazine covering travel and lifestyle — read by 1.7 million readers nationwide. The story — starts on page 48 — is all wonderful publicity for our cause: Cultivating ever more widespread love for the many varieties of (mostly) humble homes built all across America after World War II.

If you are in New England and want to grab a copy, this leaf-peeping issue of Yankee is now on newsstands. For those of you outside the area, Yankee tells me there will be an online feature at some point this month or next. I’ll add a link as soon as it’s up.

  1. Lisa Compo says:

    it’s kinda hard to sneak in new vintage chest of drawers, cabinets to refinish and mid-mod end tables without them catching on. LOL Mine is learning to spot Corning Ware at thrift stores and offers to stop at the ReStore by our house. We have a ball with what I learn on here.

  2. pam kueber says:

    Lisa, the existing Forum has this functionality right now. You can create threads, and subscribe to a particular thread. Try it.

  3. Scott says:

    Very nice! Looking forward to the reading and seeing the online feature, the photos look adorable, and perfectly lit too. Was the photographer merely a genius of digital or did they bring in supplemental professional lighting too?

  4. Lisa Compo says:

    thanks for the response. I read the directions again and don’t see a way to directly write to someone. Maybe one day I will figure it out.

  5. John says:

    Congratulations! You put so much work into spreading the word that folks like us who adore 1940s to 1970s design are not alone! Years ago, I thought gee it’s 1990 and I am still using things and decorating with things from the 1960s and I would not have it any other way (and I can tell you that in 1990 people actually thought it was funny and just gave away things to me from the 1960s for FREE!) PS Yankee is a great magazine and being from the NE I have read Yankee for years and I have some issues dating back to, what else, the 1960s!

  6. RetoSandie says:

    Congrats Pam and Kate!! I want to get my hands on that issue!!! It’s wonderful how you have made such a difference in so many homes and lives. RR deserves to be a nationally known go-to hot spot!!! I can see in the future – you and Kate on a cool little RR talk show!!!! 🙂

  7. Angela says:

    Congratulations! I would love to see Pam with a show on HGTV. It’s so disheartening to watch some of these shows especially the kitchen makeover shows in which they destroy the most beautiful retro kitchens. It would be nice to see a program that showcases the homes we see on this website and how people are restoring these types of homes.

  8. Lauryn says:

    Pam, got my copy in the mail from my trusty mom today and wow, what a fantastic spread!! I can’t wait to sit and read it, but even just seeing all the fabulous photos was such a treat. (Flipping through the magazine did, however, make me just a wee bit homesick for New England. In a good way.)

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