anne taintor original collageA friendly reminder that one of our key rules of commenting here is: No one can be made to feel bad for their choices. Not when it comes to decorating, at least.

99.95% of all the comments on Retro Renovation are wonderful — our community is awesome!  But, I was prompted to repeat this occasional reminder — (and there’s a new twist, keep reading) — because there were a few comments lately that I had to delete altogether, or to edit because of the use of unkind words such as h******, u***, h*** and d****.

In a new twist, I have also begun to notice more frequent comments — almost always from first-time commenters — that are either raving about a product or more likely, expressing complaint. Some of these have smelled funny. Since these kinds of comments can be prone to fraud, please know that from now on, I will likely not approve them unless they come from longtime, known commenters (Note, I also try, in the cases of complaints, to give the company the opportunity to respond.)

This blog is a happy creation. The aim is to be supportive. Respectful. Whatever you put your energy toward — grows. So, continuing and with even more decisive rigor moving forward, I will likely delete such comments tout suit, in order to conserve and keep the positive energy radiating. Read the Terms of Use for other various usage requirements of this blog.  Thank you for your understanding and continuing, super-constructive support. xoxo, pam. Image above: Original collage by the famous Anne Taintor herself — see more here.

  1. Tim Kubica says:

    Pam… Thanks for such a fantastic site… As a retired remodeling contractor (one -man show) I’ve always been amazed how so many people have such different tastes in decor… even though I’ve always been partial to the ones who appreciate the retro look… I’ve always respected the folks who had different likes… Sadly, you will run across people who don’t have the same respect for others simply because their taste in styles differ.. Keep up the GREAT work…

  2. Holley Martinez says:

    Retrorenovation is my favorite site to visit – almost daily. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the hard work, time, effort, love, and thoughtfulness you put into this ‘labor of love.’ It is wonderful!

  3. Scott says:

    This place is the greatest. The vibe is always happy and it draws happy people full of energy and excitement. I have a little site of my own so I have an inkling of how much work goes into this even though it is obvious it’s a labor of love. I hope you how much you and Kate are appreciated! 🙂

  4. Sara says:

    RR is the only blog I’ve stuck with long term, and it’s because I love the content AND the positive community! I’ve stopped following several blogs and will no longer have anything to do with discussion forums because of all the negativity and personal attacks. SO happy that you are committed to keeping RR a happy and supportive place. You’ve certainly helped me to appreciate mid-century style, which I am now pretty much obsessed with!

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