5 Anne Taintor original collages — art for the pure joy of it

anne taintor personal collageIt can be a dream come true when you are able to turn a passion into a full-time job. But, one of the perils is that — over time, as you must deal with all the messy realities of making money — you can lose the unfettered satisfaction of just doing what you love, for yourself, the way it all started. So, during my interview with Anne Taintor featured yesterday, I was happy to learn that she still heads to her “playroom” to make art just for herself — where, she says, “I can spread out and make collages that have nothing to do with magnets and flasks and coin purses.” Today — Anne shares five of her original collages with us.  Above: “They Were Determined to have Fun.” — click on through for 4 more –>

anne taintor original art
"Potato Dog"


"They Grow Up So Fast"


anne taintor personal collage


anne taintor personal collage

Anne, I know that you are reading this — so take a look at some of the splendiforous collages that Mel Kolstad has done for the blog. She painstakingly cuts out all kinds of itty bitty pieces of paper and ephemera to celebrate readers and encourage us to love and be satisfied with the houses we are in. In addition, Annie B. got all inspired and got outher scissors. And I’ve been known to try my hand now and then. Do we all get a gold star from Anne? Do we do we?

Collage is my favorite art form. I can’t draw or paint — but I can visualize and layer and cut. Readers, you can do this, too!

Thank you, Anne, I’m honored that you would share these with us. xoxo

  1. Mary T. says:

    Just bought Ann Taintor’s 2014 calendar to hang in my “retro” kitchen. Now I can’t wait till January! It’s a stitch!!

  2. Anne Taintor says:

    Pam! Mel! Annie! These are wonderful! I spent yesterday sick in bed and came to work this morning feeling less than enthusiastic. After half an hour with your collages I’m now all energized and inspired! Can’t wait to get through the to-do list and into the playroom! Gold stars all around!!!
    My daughter, a consummate baker, told me when she was 8 or so that she had accepted flour and sugar as her personal saviors. I think my personal saviors are scissors and glue…

    1. pam kueber says:

      I’m so excited — thank you, Anne! — my favoritest gold star ever ever ever. I need to mention, though: Mel’s collages are all just 4″ square — which makes them all the more supercalifragilisticexpealidocious.

      1. Mel Kolstad says:

        Oh my goodness gracious! Anne and Pam, I want to thank you BOTH for your very lovely words – what a tremendous boost to my day (and my ego, thank you very much!) 😀

        Annie B., that’s just about the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about my work. To think that you like it so much to carry it with you – in the case of a hurricane evacuation (!) – means the world to me. Thank you. 🙂

        1. Annie B. says:


          Your words gave me goose bumps! Thank you so much.

          It is true: your collage went into our evacuation tote along with family photos and
          other treasured keepsakes. Thankfully, the little house in the collage is still there for me to love a little longer.

          Congrats to you and to Pam for a Gold Star from the Master. (I’m SO excited!)

    2. Annie B. says:

      Scissors, glue, and margaritas!

      Thank you, Anne. Your kind comments have made my day! They mean so much especially since they come from the golly gosh real live honest to goodness Anne Taintor! Please take a “sick day” and head straight to the playroom. The “doctor” orders collage therapy. I do hope you are all better soon.

      Pam, thanks again for your original collage inspiration and for being so good as to include my humble attempts in your wonderful post.

  3. Annie B. says:

    I’m even more inspired after viewing Anne T.’s “just-for-the-joy-of it” collages. What a treat it has been to have a look inside her “playroom”. “Potato Dog” just barks Dali and truly knocks me out.

    As we in the RR family know, Pam ( my personal paragon) has produced some spectacular art of her own. Her “A Funny Way….” brought back memories of my collaging as a teen and kindled that tiny bit of creative spirit I would hope to claim as my own. In short, she created a Certified Collage Monster, here, and I thank her sincerely for it.

    Mel, you genius, I want you to know that your “Love the House You’re In” collage of our little wannabe retro ranch here on the coast was one of the things I packed to take with us if we evacuated from Hurricane Irene. I do treasure it and envy your talent. Thank you, Pam, for letting me enter the contest for Mel’s artwork. Thank you, retro gods, for letting me win!

    So, here’s to “Snizzors and Gwue”, ladies. (Love that name, Mel!) Keep those snizzors sharp!

    My thanks to all.

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