Vintage collages: Another way to feed your mid-mod fever

Running a blog has turned out to be quite a journey…with its ups … and its downs… and oh, the little turns that lead to totally unexpected places. Like: A fixation with vintage collage… that started with a class… led to Mel… led to a monthly contest… and now, led reader Annie B. to make some vintage collages that she sent to me and oh my goodness, just Made My Day.

Annie writes:

Good morning, Pam!

I’ve just returned to work from a four day “staycation” which included an 18 hour collaging marathon.  Indescribable fun!  By the end of it, my household members were getting a little worried about my brandishing scissors close to their ears.  What a blast!  I’m quite the novice, but one must start somewhere.  I’ll admit, they are a little on the “busy” side; I get going and can’t quit! Thanks for the fun you’ve inspired!!!

Annie B.

Thank you, Annie. These are so wondeful. I am really touched.

Collaging … is just like decorating. Color + scale + imagery + whimsy + seriousness + stuff oh lots of stuff. It’s a wonderful outlet if you are a creative sort whose house may be “done” yet who still loves prowling for little pieces of mid-century ephemera and the like. When you’re at an estate sale for example, it’s a good excuse to look for and buy little things… odd things… forgotten things…. “worthless” things… jewelry… figurines… trinkets… tidbits. Look for “substrates” — vintage items to mount your ephemera on — as well.  Get yourself some Mod Podge or other liquid adhesive, clear off the dining room table, and errr, 18 hours later, not only have you created some works of art you also just might start seeing “things” in a new way.

  1. Annie B. says:

    My thanks to all of you for your wonderfully kind words! Mel, I’m sincerely flattered by your comment; I have special admiration for your collage work. Thanks most of all to Pam for the satori…….believe me, there’s been some paint flying onto the canvas of life here lately! I’m loving it!

    This weekend’s crazy collage creation is so jam-packed with off the wall vintage trivia that I’ve given it the title, “Sukiaki”!

    Thanks again to all of you,

    Annie B.

  2. Mel says:

    Oh WOW! What wonderful collages! The one on top is especially gorgeous! I think Annie has discovered what so many of us have – that mid-century design lends itself particularly well to the collage medium. And hey, when you can pick up old Life magazines for a song, it’s a very economical art form, too! 😀

    Congratulations to you, Pam, for snagging these beauts, and to you Annie, for your awesome work! 😀 Looking foward to seeing more of it!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Yes, Susan, you are so right. Same thing with me at estate sales now – I am now so obsessed with the small stuff that my piles are rising fast in the basement!

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