Jodi saves her 1949 maroon and pink bathroom with amazing vintage tile

vintage-wallpapered-bathroom-maroonPink-bathrooms-saved-counter.2Jodi owns a 1949 ranch style home — and has just finished restoring her stunning vintage maroon and peachy-pink bathroom. She cleaned up and uncovered the gorgeous vintage tiles in her bathroom… found a much needed new toilet that coordinated well with the space… and then pieced together scraps of the bathroom’s original vintage wallpaper to create an accent wall.  Such beautiful vintage tile! Such a wonderful bathroom! Is anyone else drooling a little?

mid-century-tiled-vanity-topJodi writes:

Another pink bathroom saved! I live in a 1949 ranch style home. Most of it is a time capsule. I wish I had before photos of this bathroom when it had h***** shag carpet over the original tile floor and wallpaper for every decade.

vintage-toiletWe had to replace the toilet. But my “pride in joy” in this small renovation is the wallpaper. I found scraps if the original vinyl paper in a storage closet & puzzle pieced it. With just enough to do one wall. Thank you for all your resources and inspiration!

vintage-burgundy-tile-bathroomJodi, give yourself a huge pat on the back for a job well done. Making an accent wall with the scraps of the original wallpaper and painting the remaining walls the same color as the wallpaper’s background was a brilliant decision that ties the whole room together. Also, can I add a YOWZA for those vintage maroon wall tiles — I’m pretty sure I am spying molded raised line-patterns in some of the maroon tiles near the tub, and on the liner tiles, too. Amazing! Congratulations on a job well done and another pink bathroom saved, and thanks so much for sharing your success with all of us.

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  1. penny beil says:

    I just got an accepted offer on a 1967 split level, this estate still has a lavender sink, toilet and tub intact w/amazing original tile surrounding the tub only.The dilemma? how to make it into a full tub/shower , the tile is short and will be hard to match, any ideas?

  2. Maribeth Butler-Sisnroy says:

    Please Help! I inherited my parents home that was built in 1957. Our plumbing made us knock down a portion of one bathroom wall. We had enough pink tile to replace the ones we tore out, but the 6 x 2 build maroon tile cannot be found. We need about 8 to 10. Where did you find yours? Again, HELP!

    I tried to attach a picture of our bathroom but it isn’t working for me.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Also try World of Tile – use the search box to find our stories – note, you will need to send a sample, they will not deal with people who want to get quotes with only photos

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